Segmented sheet bending machine "Ural" for the manufacture of shaped elements of air ducts, facade cassettes, road signs.

180 000 р.
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On this machine, the segments are made of 16mm thick CVG steel! We can adjust the segment sizes to suit the dimensions you need.

On it you can make: facade cassettes, road signs and shaped elements of air ducts.

This sheet bending machine has a solid rigid frame non-separable structure, due to which it has a greater margin of safety than its direct competitors.



The machine is supplied with a roller knife and a protractor as standard.

Additionally, you can purchase a folding closing machine.

Additionally, it can be equipped with gas expansion joints, which reduce the bending force.

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Characteristics of the bending machine
Bend length, mm 1650
The length of the cut roller to the knife, mm 1500
Bend thickness, mm 1.5 mm
Thickness of the cut metal, mm 0.8 mm
The depth of feed, mm Without limitation
Minimum width of the bent shelf, mm 5+-/1.5 mm
The bending angle,degrees 0-145/180° you can roll
Cutting device included in the set
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 1800х750х1100 mm
Weight, kg 220 kg
20% discount on Ural bending machines!
20% discount on Ural bending machines!
Sheet bending machines "Ural" - machines of our own production!Main advantages:1. Roller knife with double-sided sharpening (a worn knife blade can be turned over and the knife can be used further)2. Rigid non-separable design (due to which the listo..
Bending machine Ural. Additional options.
Bending machine Ural. Additional options.
The Ural sheet bending machine has many options that you can purchase additionally.In this small review, we would like to acquaint you with them in more detail, because this may affect your convenience when working with the Ural sheet bending ma..

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