A machine for applying stiffeners in the manufacture of rectangular air ducts
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    Станок нанесения ребер жесткости РЖ-1250
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    250.00 kg
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    1,720.00 x 350.00 x 1,200.00 mm
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The series stiffening machines are used in the production of rectangular ducts to give additional rigidity to ventilation ducts and to reduce the vibration of the duct during the passage of the air flow. As standard, the machines are equipped with profiling rollers for Z-shaped profiling. At the request of the customer, the profiling rollers can be replaced with another type of stiffener, for example, a "trapezoid" or "semicircle". The cost of equipment re-equipment is discussed in each individual case and depends on the complexity of the rollers being made, as well as their number (step).

Why exactly our machine?

1. The power of the RZh machine is 2 times higher than that of the Turkish one (1.1 kW against our 0.37 kW).

2. Our machine is twice as heavy as the Turkish machine.

530 kg versus 230 kg!

3. The rollers on our own machine are much wider. The width of the rollers is 50 mm.

4. The side edges of the roller are farther from the bending point, which gives a smoother picture when the rib is bent and deforms the metal less.

5. You can always purchase any accessories for this machine from us!

Станок для нанесения ребер жесткости на металле 1.2 мм толщиной!
Станок для ребер жесткости от компании Урал Восход

Here is a profile on our machine

Некачественные турецкие станки для ребер жесткости

Here is a profile on the Turkish machine

In Turkey, the rollers are of the same diameter and thin, due to which the profile fracture is obtained, and it is possible to reduce the gap between the upper and lower bed and, accordingly, several times less metal goes to the rollers

Изготовление ребра жесткости на воздуховоде без излома

This kink is formed from behind the edge of the roller.

On the RZH machine, it bends differently. The rollers are of different sizes, i.e. one large, the second small. the angles of the rollers during bending carry significantly less loads and do not spoil the picture, however, here we are forced to make the rollers many times larger, respectively, the drive and the distance between the shafts, and as a result, the entire machine becomes much larger and stiffer.

Those. roller 1 is much larger in diameter than roller 2->

that's why the picture is much better.

RZH machine is much larger and heavier, which actually makes it better and more expensive


Rib pitch 160mm on all stiffening machines

Отличие Российского и Турецкого станка для нанесения ребер жесткости

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Stiffening machines
Working length, mm 1300 mm
Material thickness, mm 0.4-1.2 mm
Number of rollers 7 pcs
Stiffener type Z-edge
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 1720х350х1200 mm
Motor characteristics, kW / V / Hz 1.1/3*380/50
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