Designed to create a permanent connection in sheet metal with a total thickness of up to 5mm and punch holes in metal up to 6mm thick

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Tool Benefits:

High performance from 0.8 sec/1 connection;Large overhang of the C-frame 400 mm;The free travel of the stem of the working head of 104 mm facilitates the positioning of the workpiece on the press;Possibility to connect various material options and create the desired shape of the clinch connection thanks to the built-in adjusting nut;Lack of smoke, spark discharge, noise - high ecology in production;Separate control of the free and working stroke of the rod allows you to create many connecting points without fully opening the working head, while ensuring safety, actuation of the working stroke;The design of the control pedals, which allows you to quickly move the foot without lifting the heel, while maintaining a firm footing for the operator, while the hands remain free; The pedal responsible for the high-pressure working stroke can only work with a distance of 8mm between the working tools (punch and die) - all this ensures high safety;The proved designs, the Russian production provide high reliability and the minimum cost of service;


The stationary clinching press is designed to create a permanent connection in sheet metal with a total thickness of up to 5 mm and to punch holes in metal up to 6 mm thick. Thanks to the built-in pneumatic hydraulic booster, the achievable stroke pressure is 60 kN. To start work, it is enough to connect the press to the compressed air line and set the working pressure on the filter-adjuster to 6 bar. A built-in adjusting nut allows for quick travel adjustment, allowing you to join different material options and shape your rivet joint as you like. The design of the frame with a large overhang of the working head allows you to make connections with a maximum distance from the edge of the workpiece of 400mm. In this case, the height of the bend on the product can be 100 mm or more. The press is controlled by the operator by pressing the pedals located at the base of the press. The short payback period of the tool is due to low maintenance and operation costs.


Quality tool connection

What is a joint, cold stamping (cold welding of metal or bulging)? This is a technology for joining two or more sheet materials without the use of fasteners by cold forming. The connection is formed by a pressing blow using a fixing matrix and a movable punch. The materials to be joined are first pressed into the matrix with the help of a punch, and as soon as the bottom material touches the anvil of the matrix, it begins to deform (spread) along the edges. The movable segments of the matrix at the same time move outward. Due to the process of indentation of materials, a closing head is formed. Then the punch returns to its original position again and the connected part can be removed from the mold, and the side segments of the die are compressed due to the action of the spring. With the help of point deformation of the material, a connection is created with force and geometric closure. With an appropriate choice of punch and die, a round or rectangular joint can be installed, depending on specific tasks. This technology does not require any power supply or special cooling systems, which are used in spot welding. And another advantage of clinching is the ability to join coated materials without damaging the surface.

What are the benefits of a connection?

When replacing spot welding - increasing the ecology in production and reducing energy costs;High strength characteristics;High connection speed;Creation of two-layer and multilayer connections;Possibility of connection of various sheet materials;Does not require additional connecting elements;Does not damage the surface due to heating, corrosion resistance;The rectangular shape of the rivet joint is ideal for hard materials (example: stainless steel);Excellent output quality – aesthetic appearance.

When purchasing a press, you can choose a patented cutting tool (punch, matrix) for a round or rectangular connection point, based on the total thickness, number of layers and types of sheet material. (Low carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and others).

When buying as a gift you get: Leather gloves!

Additionally ordered:

Metal punch puller for round connection pointLaser pointer with adjustable armA set of equipment for mounting the C-frame of the press on the robotDevelopment of individual solutions: automation of production processes, robotization and control of connection processes

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Buckling machines
Drive type / Console drive Pneumohydraulic
Cycle time 0.8-1.2 sec
Metal thickness (aluminum 250 N / mm2) 5.0 mm
Metal thickness (400 N / mm2) 4.0 mm
Metal thickness (stainless steel 600 N / mm2) 3.0 mm
Maximum opening height, mm 104
Minimum distance from the edge of the workpiece, mm 5-9
Maximum distance from the edge of the workpiece (overhang), mm 400
Working air pressure (bar) 6.0
Stroke force at 6 bar, kN 60
Main characteristic
Weight, kg 245 kg

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