Electric shears UVS (S) -160 for cutting metal up to 1.6 mm thick.


  1. Slotted shears UVS (S) -160 with an electric drive are designed for cutting workpieces made of steel up to 1.6 mm thick, aluminum up to 2 mm thick and other materials, as well as for cutting straight, curved outer edges, making inner cuts and cutting according to marking;
  2. The machine allows you to make an accurate cut without deforming the workpiece;
  3. During operation, the chips are guided by a spiral tape above the surface of the workpiece, which avoids the appearance of scratches;
  4. Depending on the thickness and strength of the material, four types of knives are used: straight knife (for sheets 1-1.6 mm), straight knife (for sheets up to 1 mm), rounded knife and Cr knife;
  5. Optionally, the UVS (C) -160 machine can be equipped with a parallel stop for cutting parallel strips 35-300 mm wide.

Recommendations for use

UVS (S) -160 slotted scissors are used when working with duct boxes, including spiral-wound ones, as well as when installing ventilation systems, fences, bodywork, etc.

  1. used for making straight and curved cuts
  2. used for splitting by punching and trimming straight sheets
  3. used to cut C-, L- and U-profiles
  4. used for cutting pipes
  5. used for cutting corrugated sheets
  6. used for cutting granular sheets

Dimensional drawing:

Contents of delivery:

Straight knife (built-in) 1–1.6 mm

Insert set (2 pcs with screws), built-in 1 pcs 0927708

Socket wrench for internal hexagon DIN 911–2.5 1 pc. 0067822

Box S1 1 pc. 1763681

Options overview:

You can purchase additional consumables and accessories for UVS (S) -160 slotted shears:

Straight knife 1–1.6 mm

Ideal for sheets 1–1.6 mm thick.

Set of 2 1264343

Set of 5 1264345

Straight knife up to 1 mm

Ideal for sheets up to 1 mm thick.

Set of 2 1264356

Set of 5 1264357

Rounded knife

Good maneuverability. For sheets up to 1 mm thick.

Set of 2 1264358

Set of 5 1264359

CR knife

Ideal for stainless steel and spiral seam pipes

Set of 2 1264346

Set of 5 1264347

Knife set

Straight knife 1 mm, 1 piece, rounded knife, 1 piece

Set of 1 913521

Set of cutters

2 pcs. with screws

Set of 1 927708

Parallel stop

For cutting parallel strips 35–300 mm wide

1 PC. 143439

Grease G1

25 g 344969

250 g 1446686

900 g 139440

Box S1 1 pc. 1763681

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Vibration scissors UVS
Metal thickness (aluminum) 2.0 mm
Metal thickness 1.6 mm
Metal thickness (stainless steel 600 N / mm2) 1.2 mm
Working speed 6-10 m / min
Smallest radius 90 mm
Starting hole diameter 15 mm
Number of strokes 3800 pcs / min
Main characteristic
Power, kWt 0.35kw
Type of drive Electric
Power supply 230 / 50V / Hz
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 356х30х61 mm
Weight, kg 1.4 kg

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