The ZGR 3000х1mm bending machine is designed for the manufacture of various products from sheet materials up to 1 mm thick.
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    Листогиб Mazanek ZGR 3000х1mm
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    730.00 kg
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    3,360.00 x 770.00 x 1,045.00 mm
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ZGR sheet bending machines are manual (mechanical) full bore stationary machines made in Poland. ZGR-3000/1 is designed to work in the workshop in the manufacture of additional roof elements, ventilation components and other sheet metal products, bending and cutting of sheet iron (400 N / mm2) up to 1.0 mm thick. ZGR bending machines are veterans in the Russian bending machine market, they owe their invariable popularity to the time-tested, reliable design and consistently high quality of performance.

The ZGR machine is a stationary bending machine / bending machine is installed on powerful welded supports, which ensure a reliable and stable position of the machine. The bending beam, adjustable in height, is represented by a strong steel plate with reinforcing structural elements.
The lifting of the pressure tank is carried out by the movement of the eccentric, which provides a high speed of lifting the beam and high productivity of the machine. The clamping force of the workpiece is convenient and easy to adjust. The beam is opened by turning it around the horizontal axis.
The bending beam is equipped with a protractor. This allows you to produce products with a precisely defined bending angle. The bending beam rotation limiter included with the machine will ensure high bending angle reproducibility and facilitate the production of a large number of identical products.
The machine is equipped with pneumatic compensators for the pressure beam and spring compensators for the bending beam. Effort compensators facilitate work on the bending machine and save the worker's energy.

The roller knife provides industrial quality cutting of steel workpieces up to 0.8 mm thick. The knife has a number of adjustments. The pressure beam of the bending machine serves as a guide for the movement of the knife.

The maximum opening of the pressure beam is 80 mm.

Additional options:

1.Roller knife -

  1. Max. thickness of cut galvanized steel, mm - 0.8 mm
  2. Service life (with a metal thickness of 0.65 mm), km - 25 km
  3. Weight - 5 kg.

The roller knife is used in conjunction with the MAZANEK ZGR / 1.0 series bending machines and is designed for cutting sheet metal. The design of the knife consists of cutting rollers with a bracket for which the knife is mounted on the pressure beam of the machine.

The knife provides a smooth, burr-free, industrial quality cut without damaging the material surface.


  • The roller knife is equipped with an adjustment system.
  • The cutting knives are made of hardened steel.
  • The blade is guided by the pressure beam of the machine.



Gas lift for more convenient bending and reducing efforts when bending metal.

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Bending machines Mazanek
Bending angle, degrees 150 degrees
Main characteristic
Working length, mm 3050 mm
Metal thickness, mm 1 mm
Manufacturer country Poland
Type of drive Manual
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 3360х770х1045 mm
Weight, kg 730 kg

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