Set of machines for gutter products, electromechanical type, length 2 meters

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The set consists of the following machines:

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1. Sheet bending machine Ural +2000 - manual.

2. Seam folding bender UFG-2100x1mm - manual.

3. Rolling machine AVS-2000x1mm - electromech.

4. Folding machine FOS-M 2050x1mm electromech.

5. Beading machine ZM-160x1mm electromech.

6. Elbow machine SG-165 (diameters from 60 to 165)electromech.

(please write down the diameters of the matrices you need in the comments).

7. Round bender for 2 meters - manual.

8. Bracket bending machine - manual.

Additional Information:

1. Roller knife + liquid protractor is included in the standard bending machine

(additionally you can purchase a folding machine, front stops, back stops).

2. The round bender is standard

3. For the folding machine FOS, we advise you to purchase a corrugated roller.

4. In addition to the beading machine, you will need a roller for assembling segment bends.

(if you plan to abandon the corrugated knee and save money and make bends on a zig machine, which is much longer).

5. For the professional bracket bending machine, you can purchase an additional mandrel.\

6. Additionally, you can purchase mandrels for corrugated board. Write the sizes and number of pieces in the comments. (Example: diameters 100, 125, 130, 135 are additionally required)

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The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

All videos can be found in our gutter machine playlist.

Separately in the card of each product there is a video on the operation of the machine

Link to the YouTube channel.

Main characteristic
Type of drive 220 V

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