Buy segmented bending machine with a double segment beam for the manufacture of front cassettes, boxes, casings, etc.
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    Сегментированный листогиб MTB 2S 1220
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    320.00 kg
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    1,460.00 x 630.00 x 1,280.00 mm
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The solution of such a problem as the manufacture of parts of complex shapes from thin sheet metal requires appropriate equipment. In the conditions of small-scale and medium-scale production, experts recommend using a reliable and functional segmental sheet bending machine MTB 2S 1220. This equipment will allow you to create facade cassettes, trays, boxes, as well as various casings (electrical panels, air conditioners, electrical cabinets, that is, this machine is an excellent solution for enterprises that are engaged in instrumentation).

  1. Clamping of sheet metal is carried out across the entire width of the machine. As a result, the corner of the workpiece is smooth without any flaws or defects;
  2. The operator, thanks to the spring compensator, has to make minimal efforts, which greatly facilitates his work, which means that the productivity of your enterprise increases;
  3. MTB 2S 1220 is stable. The design of the equipment in question does not loosen in the process of performing the required operations;
  4. This unit does not require any special maintenance. You do not need a highly qualified specialist to solve this problem;
  5. The equipment is easily set up, the sheet pressure is adjusted by simply turning the handle;
  6. You can quickly and easily create even the most complex box-shaped products. Beam segments make it possible to perform non-parallel bends. Also note that the segments are fairly easy to remove and move around.

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Segmented bending machine (2 segment beams)
Bending length, mm 1270 mm
Sheet thickness, steel (σw <400 MPa), mm 2.0 mm
Segmental top beam Yes
Segmental bending beam Yes
Segmental bottom beam No
Drive unit Foot
Bend angle, degrees 135 degrees
Main characteristic
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 1460x630x1280 mm
Weight, kg 320 kg

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