Seam welding machine UVSh-17-162-D are designed for welding products with a continuous or intermittent seam

Seam welding machines of the UVSH-162 series are designed for welding products with a continuous or intermittent seam, consisting of separate welded points, as a result of applying a compressive force and supplying current to rotating rollers. The machine has a self-contained hidden liquid cooling system.


  Extension of electrodes from 300 to 1100 mm, the minimum diameter of the workpiece being welded is 100 mm. The maximum thickness of the workpieces to be welded is 2 + 2 mm. , the possibility of welding galvanized.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

   UVSH-162 machines have a wide range of welding currents (6 - 26 kA); can be executed in longitudinal, transverse and universal (longitudinal-transverse) arrangement of rollers; can be equipped with a built-in compressor.


  The UVSH-162 machine is equipped with an original microprocessor-based controller for resistance welding, which allows:

- memorize 10 technological welding programs;

- to carry out the mode of editing and aiming;

- quickly and easily adjust the speed of rotation of the rollers;

- to carry out spot welding with a given step;

- carry out welding with a line seam;

- to carry out a reversible broach;

- seam welding machines of the UVSH-162 series are equipped with phase current control.

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Contact welding machines UVSH
Sheet steel 1.5+1.5
Cink Steel 1+1
Maximum welding speed m / min 5
Extension of electrodes, mm 800
Range of welding currents, kA 7-17
Rated welding current, kA 13
Number of steps of regulation of welding current 4
Mains voltage, V 3х380
Power at duty cycle = 50% 82
No-load output voltage, V 5.5-7.4
Nominal compression force of electrodes, kg 250
Electrode compression drive Pneumatic
Cooling Autonomous, hidden
Coolant Water, a mixture of water with antifreeze
Coolant quantity 5.5 l
Dry weight 290 kg
Main characteristic
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 1560х400х1450 mm

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