Manual rolling machine Stalex for working with galvanized sheet.
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    Станок вальцовочный ручной Stalex W01-0.5х2050
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    380.00 kg
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    2,550.00 x 500.00 x 700.00 mm
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Rolling machine Stalex W01-0.5x2050 is designed to give the sheet a cylindrical and conical shape in the form of shells of various radii, this equipment is widely used for the manufacture of professional, individual and small-scale production of ventilation components, drainage elements, in cases of production of cylindrical and conical products (for rolling conical products, the shape of the workpiece must be pre-prepared [cut] from the required sketch and calculated dimensions), straightening of flat workpieces, hemming.


Model Stalex W01-0.5x2050


Working length

2050 mm

*Max. thickness

0,5 mm

Shaft diameter

60 mm

Net weight

290 kg

Packing size

2550х500х700 mm

Gross weight

380 kg


Longitudinal groove of the upper shaft for sheet threading

 Grooves for bar bending

The weight and the tie-down system allow working with a max. possible sheet thickness of galvanized steel on hand rollers at max. "Narrow" shaft diameters (60mm)

 The rigidity of the machine allows you to efficiently work with workpieces with a max. 0.5mm thick

 Two rotational speed shafts (2nd shaft is a reduced speed shaft for maximum sheet thickness)

Cast iron side supports

Handwheel for moving the rear shaft, with the help of a rack and pinion mechanism and a thrust, opposite sides of the shaft move synchronously

The flywheel for moving the lower shaft with the help of a pair of sliders and a rod synchronously move the opposite sides of the shaft

Retaining screw of the transmission gear on the low speed shaft (designed to fix the gear in the working and idle position, to turn off idle shaft rotation if necessary)

* Maximum allowable sheet thickness when working with low-carbon steel (yield point σs should not exceed σs ≤245 MPa) - no more than 0.5 mm

The minimum diameter of the workpiece obtained when working with galvanized steel is 0.35mm - at least 250mm. There is no exact formula for calculating the minimum diameter of the resulting workpiece, because it depends on the type, grade, heat treatment of the material, as well as its length and thickness. It is possible to more accurately determine the minimum Ø - it is possible only by trial rolling.



Further machine nodes:

1.Upper shaft fixing lever

2. Bottom roll - designed to adjust the sheet thickness

3. Rear Shaft - designed to adjust the R obtained on the workpiece

4. Longitudinal groove of the upper shaft for sheet threading

5. Grooves for bar bending

6. Reduced speed shaft for max. sheet thickness

7. Rotational speed shaft for working with small and medium plate thicknesses

8.Rear shaft travel flywheel

9.Rack and pinion mechanism with synchronizing rod

10.Handwheel for moving the lower shaft

11. Slider drive mechanism with synchronizing rod

12.Lock screw

13. Adapter shaft with gear

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Stalex rolling machine
Shaft diameter, mm 60 mm
Main characteristic
Working length, mm 2050 mm
Metal thickness, mm 0.5 mm
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 2550х500х700 mm
Weight, kg Net weight - 290 kg Gross weight - 380 kg

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