Manual rolling machine Stalex for working with galvanized sheet.
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    Станок вальцовочный ручной Stalex W01-1.5х1300 L
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    220.00 kg
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    1,700.00 x 430.00 x 530.00 mm
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Rolling machine Stalex W01-1.5x1300L is designed to shape the sheet into a cylindrical shape of various radii, this equipment is widely used for the manufacture of ventilation components, drainage elements, in cases of production of cylindrical and conical products (for rolling conical products, the shape of the workpiece must be preliminarily prepared [cut] with required sketch and calculated dimensions), editing flat workpieces, hemming.


Model Stalex W01-1.5x1300L



Working length


Max. thickness (low carbon steel, σs ≤245 MPa)


Shaft diameter


Upper shaft fixing sleeve (1)

Net weight


Проточки для гибки прутка (2)

Packing size


Rear shaft displacement levers (3)

Gross weight


Lower shaft displacement levers (4)

Machine cost


The cost


Universal stand for Stalex rollers (art. 100817)

The maximum permissible thickness when working with stainless steel is no more than 1.0 mm.

The minimum possible Ø when working with low-carbon steel 1.5mm is at least 100mm (as it depends on the type, grade, heat treatment of the material, as well as its length and thickness). Determine the minimum Ø more precisely - it is possible only by trial rolling.


Further machine nodes:

In addition to the machine, it is possible to purchase a universal stand for Stalex (art. 100817) Distance from and to the outer edges of the stand legs - 1406mm

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Stalex rolling machine
Shaft diameter, mm 75 mm
Main characteristic
Working length, mm 1300mm
Metal thickness, mm 1.5mm (low carbon steel, σs ≤245 MPa)
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 1700х430х530мм
Weight, kg 220 kg

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