Electromechanical drums with asymmetric shaft arrangement.

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Electromechanical industrial three-roller rollers are used to form cylindrical, oval, conical shells. By rolling a sheet of metal, through the rolls of the unit.

Working surface of shafts, mm: 1300

Thickness of rolled steel : 4 mm

Shaft diameter 110x110x110 mm

Minimum bending diameter of the sheet: 130 mm

Connection parameters:

Power supply, V/HZ: 3x380/50 

Power consumption, kW: 3 per drive, 0.55 per lift


Asymmetric arrangement of shafts.

Three-roll rollers with a working length of 1300 mm for working with 4 mm metal

A quick removal of the upper shaft is provided for unloading the workpiece;

The shafts have a central thickening to compensate for their deflection;

Rotation of the upper and lower shafts by means of an electric motor and a gearbox.


* The value of the metal thickness is indicated for ordinary steel (low carbon and carbon steel) with a yield strength for residual deformation σB, which should not exceed 240 MPa (1 N/mm2 = 1 MPa). To work with materials that are not part of the carbon steel group (such as alloy steels, stainless steels, cold-rolled steels), it is necessary to consult with the employees of Ural Voskhod, Chelyabinsk.

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Rolling machines BC / ABC
Working length, mm 1300 mm
Metal thickness, mm up to 4 mm
Top shaft diameter, mm 110 mm
Sheet bending diameter, mm 130 mm
Type of drive Electromechanical, 380V
Main characteristic
Power supply Power supply, V / HZ: 3х380 / 50 Power consumption, kW: 3 0.55 on the rise
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 1650х640х1650 mm
Weight, kg 670 kg

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