Electromechanical drums with asymmetric shaft arrangement.



All-metal shafts

Shaft working surface 625 mm

Rolled steel thickness to 10 mm

Shaft diameter 145x145x145 mm

Minimum sheet bending diameter 320 mm

Electromechanical drive

Power 380V

Power consumption 4 kW

Motorized top shaft

All screws, shafts and gears are heat treated



Length 1195 mm

Width 640 mm

Height 1650 mm

Weight 740 kg




With the aim of making high-quality shells, they came up with tapered shafts with an invisible thickening in the middle, as a result of which you can roll metal from 1 mm to 10 mm thick and get only high-quality parts without any jambs.

Therefore, if you choose a rolling machine, the shafts and rollers should preferably be:

1.With hardening (since hardening shafts solves the problem with stainless steel) - you can bend denser metal.

2. They must be tapered to avoid unnecessary deformations in the center of the sheet.

3. High-quality chrome-plated and shiny (they should not have any jambs and the shafts themselves should be perfectly even)

4. Pay attention to the presence of a ratchet gear (toothed gear) - it is responsible for high-quality bending of the metal. The ratchet is shown in the figure (semicircular gear)

5. Pay attention to the presence of the side tilt of the upper shaft for removing the workpiece - this is a very convenient option, thanks to which it simplifies the workflow.

6. Make sure that the supplier of your products is engaged in its production, because if these are Chinese rollers - you will not wait for components for them and will overpay a lot for them. The equipment manufacturer will always send you missing parts. Cheaper and on time.

7. Choose the machine for your task. It is better to take a rolling machine with a margin than make a mistake without calculating. For example, when using 0.8 metal, I would advise taking a 1.2mm rolling machine - because situations in life are different and sometimes you need to bend a stainless steel.

8. Very often those who buy up equipment charge you an advance payment for the manufacture of the machine. Machine tool manufacturers can make it for you without any prepayment and send it to the terminal in your transport company. In such cases, you pay upon the arrival of the machine at the terminal of the transport company.

9. A company that has been manufacturing equipment for a long time always has its own website, its own catalog, its own price list. Pay attention to these little things.

10. Take the time and effort and ask to roll your metal before sending the machine. And it is better for the seller or manufacturer to record a video for you with how he rolls metal. (And if you still send him a limited number of blanks - for example, 5, then you can find out how many attempts it took him to make your part).

Anything you invest in your machine will pay off very quickly. Because quality rollers are rare these days. Together with our clients, we have already calculated that, on average, a rolling machine with a small volume of orders fights back in 3-4 months, or even earlier.


The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Rolling machines BC / ABC
Working length, mm 625 mm
Metal thickness, mm 10 mm
Top shaft diameter, mm 145 mm
Sheet bending diameter, mm 320 mm
Type of drive Electromechanical, 380V
Main characteristic
Power, kWt 4 kw
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 1195х640х1650 mm
Weight, kg 740 kg

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