Rigid rings for UVS-1500 K machine (1 piece)
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    Жесткие кольца для станка УВС-1500 К (1 шт)
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Attention! When ordering 5 or 10 rings - there is a discount.
The price is for 1 hard ring!

There are 2 types of devices for forming the diameter for spiral winding machines.
1. Flexible tapes.

2. Rigid rings.

- The advantage of working with flexible rings is that the tape can be quickly reconfigured to any given diameter of the spiral-wound pipe, because the ring is formed by the operator, however, an error in the dimensions is possible, since there is a human factor.

- The advantage of working on a spiral-wound machine with rigid rings - each ring has its own diameter, made according to the standard, therefore the error is reduced to hundredths of a millimeter. This is important in the production of spiral pipes for the oil and other industries, where the diameters of spiral-wound pipes are strictly regulated. Of the minuses - a separate ring must be ordered for each diameter, which affects the cost of the spiral-wound machine. This is probably one of the most controversial parts when choosing a machine! Disputes about what is better to make forming rings do not subside to this day. Some manufacturers (including European ones) successfully manage with steel tape 20 mm wide and 1 mm thick, others make a casting from silumin alloy with precise milling and the use of internal copper linings. As practice shows, even the most expensive option in inept hands leads to the production of low-quality products, and even the cheapest machine can produce excellent products when properly configured.

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