Foot guillotine with high carbon steel blades for bending metal up to 1.5 mm thick!
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    Гильотина ножная усиленная 1320х1.5мм
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    545.00 kg
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    1,680.00 x 760.00 x 1,150.00 mm
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Guillotine foot 1320x1.5mm

  1. Fully welded steel structure
  2. High cutting performance, reducing labor costs
  3. Easy adjustment of the foot pedal position
  4. High carbon steel knives
  5. Feed depth stop as standard


Width - 1320 mm.

The maximum cutting thickness for galvanized steel is 1.5 mm. (Low carbon steel σw <400 MPa)

Material feed limiter - up to 840 mm.

Dimensions - 1680х760х1150

Weight - 491 kg.

Production - China

Warranty - 1 year



- Clamping height - 8mm

- The clamp fixes the sheet before the moment of cutting

- The angle of inclination of the blade - about 5º

- Table height - 810 mm

- Sheet feed lock (removable stop) - 700mm from the cutting line

- The guides of the sheet feed holder (stop) have measuring rulers

- On the guillotine worktable, on both sides a ruler up to 31mm (mm / inch)

- Front extensions of sheet support from the working table - 550 mm

- Front extensions of sheet support to the cutting line (taking into account the working table) - 915 mm

- Working table (up to the cutting line) 365-370mm

- Minimum sheet thickness 0.5mm (when adjusting knives - minimum cutting is possible up to 0.3mm inclusive [steel]).

- Presence of an adjacent ruler on the front extensions and work table for fixing the sheet for cutting at an angle



*Max. thickness - indicated for ordinary steel with a tensile strength σв, which should not exceed the parameter σв <400 MPa (1 N / mm2 = 1 MPa), it is not intended for stainless and difficult-to-machine steels.

Avoid cutting over-thickness or hard beads, slag, weld lines, and other excessively hard defects.

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Type of drive Foot
Working length, mm 1320 mm
Metal thickness, mm 1.5 mm
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 1680х760х1150 mm
Weight, kg 491/545 kg

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