Machine for punching holes in metal.
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    Станок вырубной ручной Stalex HP-20
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    80.00 kg
  • Dimensions (L х W х H):
    520.00 x 230.00 x 920.00 mm
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Maximum metal thickness (perforation), mm


Punching diameter matrix / punch (standard), mm

Ø 16

Entry depth, mm


Machine / package dimensions, mm

550х340х180 / 520х230х920

Net / gross weight, kg


Powerful, compact machine for punching round holes in sheet metal up to 5 mm with a stroke depth of 160 mm. The machine is equipped with a stop for fixing the feed of the workpiece into the jaw of the bed. The double handle of the lever in the assembled state has a length of 1670 mm, with the installation of one part, the length is 850 mm. The design and equipment of the Stalex HP-20 machine is similar to the Stalex PBS-9 multifunctional shear assembly. Standard equipment for hole punching - Ø 16 mm.

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Main characteristic
Dimensions LxWxH, mm Machine / package dimensions, mm - 550х340х180 / 520х230х920
Weight, kg Net / gross weight, kg -74/80

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