Bending machine LBM Classic

Eccentric pressure beam mechanism

Fast material clamping is provided by the eccentric clamping beam mechanism.

High bending quality and the ability to stop the pressure beam at any point ensures its vertical rise.

Opening height up to 90 mm
The opening height is greater than analogs and is 90 mm. This makes it possible to conveniently position the workpiece with high sides.

Reinforcing rods

The weight of the machine (from 120 kg) is significantly optimized due to the redistribution of the load on the reinforcing rods.

Always high bending quality (no saber or underbending effect) - thanks to the adjustment of the reinforcing rods, the deflection of all three beams can be changed.

Piano wheels with locks

The small weight of the machine for through-feed steel bending machines of this type, in combination with the wheels of the piano type mounted on supports, make it easy to move the bending machine.

Convenient and safe work without displacement of the machine during work thanks to the castors.

Mechanical protractor

The basic goniometer is located on both sides of the machine to achieve an acceptable level of accuracy.

For a more accurate bending, we recommend a liquid protractor.

Additional handles for the bending beam
It is advisable to use additional handles for the bending beam in cases when you have to work with a sheet that protrudes significantly from the machine, or when the machine is designed for a sheet length of 2.5 - 3 m.

Liquid protractor (optional)
To facilitate the repeatability of workpieces bending to a certain angle, the machine is equipped with a liquid goniometer and a bending beam rotation angle limiter, which allows you to preset up to four options of the rotation angle.

Bending beam swing angle limiter (optional)

In the future, you can easily select one of the set angles by simply turning the limiter one position.

The selected limiter options can be readjusted to any angle of rotation of the bending beam at any time.

Roller knife (optional)

The roller blade provides industrial quality cuts in steel up to 0.8 mm thick.

The roller knife has the ability to adjust the guide and cutting rollers and, if necessary, can be easily adjusted to the machine.

This is convenient if you need to buy an additional knife for the bending machine.

The guide rail for the roller knife is the press beam of the bending machine.

Front restraints (optional)
Frontal stops (stops) are used to speed up the cutting of the sheet into strips of the same width - the stops are set to the specified size. The sheet is fed from the rear side of the machine until the sheet stops in the stopper. After clamping and cutting the workpiece with a knife, you can repeat the "advance-cut sheet" operation as many times as necessary.

Rear support table with sheet feed stops (optional)

The back support table allows you to work with wide sheets.

On the brackets of the back support table there are paper feed stops and a ruler.

Using the sheet feed limiters, you can significantly increase the productivity of the machine in comparison with flexible marking of the workpiece.

Folding machine (optional)

For high-quality bending of the workpiece up to 180 degrees, a folding machine is used.

The use of a folding machine for folding a workpiece is more convenient and technologically advanced than using the bending machine itself for this operation.

A simple and affordable folding-closing machine saves the life of the bending machine, preventing its accelerated wear, which occurs when the bend is constantly bending up to 180 degrees using a bending beam.

Types of production:

Any metal profiles right on the construction site

Listogib LBM 200 Classic

Listogib LBM 200 Classic

Brand:Metal Master
Weight:174.00 kg
Price on request
Listogib LBM 250 Classic

Listogib LBM 250 Classic

Brand:Metal Master
Weight:221.00 kg
Price on request
Listogib LBM 300 Classic

Listogib LBM 300 Classic

Brand:Metal Master
Weight:272.00 kg
Price on request
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