Bending machine Bertech


the unique design of the bending beam, which protects the painted metal from damage and scratches, and conveniently holds the metal sheet, preventing it from sliding during operation;

a narrow clamping part allows you to expand the range of manufactured additional elements (the ability to make an internal complex and external corner);

unlimited feed depth;

vertical lifting of the pressure beam

tense main beam with adjustable curvature;

beams deflection compensators;

bending radius setting;

adjusting the pressure of the pressure beam;

manual circular knife of reinforced construction;

wheels for fast movement;

simplicity and reliability of the design;

made of European steel;

12 months warranty

Bending machine Bertech 2150

Bending machine Bertech 2150

Weight:250.00 kg
89 000 р.
Bending machine Bertech 2650

Bending machine Bertech 2650

Weight:300.00 kg
119 000 р.
Bending machine Bertech 3150

Bending machine Bertech 3150

Weight:350.00 kg
148 500 р.
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