Folding machines for air ducts

The seam is closed using a conventional seaming machine.

Of course, you can also use a mallet, but closing the seam on the radius elements is quite difficult. We recommend purchasing our folding machine. The price for it is very good compared to the prices of competitors and it is almost always available.

suitable for both straight ducts and bends, with a minimum inner radius of only 300 mm. The UV-300 electric folding machine is designed to close straight and radial seams: closing the "Pittsburgh seam" - corner fold lock (final operation) on the parts prepared for installation, such as air ducts, boxes, containers, etc. No need to readjust the tool when switching from straight boxes to radius boxes. Automatic adjustment for sheet thickness. Automatic feeding guarantees a hermetically sealed connection without breaking the coating. Maintenance of the instrument is reduced only to keeping it clean. Industrial grade tool, provides high productivity with two shift work. Good ergonomics, low noise level.

Folding machine (air ducts) UV-300

Folding machine (air ducts) UV-300

Brand:Урал Восход
Weight:6.00 kg
78 480 р.
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