It is used to join metal sheets and is an alternative to spot welding, especially if it is important to maintain the integrity of the coating.

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Tool Benefits:

Minimum dimensions and maneuverability;High-speed: the formation of a "press rivet" occurs in 0.6 - 1.2 seconds;The connection maintains the integrity of the protective coating;The pneumohydraulic drive guarantees high reliability;Available in round and rectangular rivet joint shapes;No smoke and sparks;Russian production makes it possible to simplify maintenance and reduce the cost of consumables and tool operation.

    The compact embossing tool was created for joining metal sheets and is an alternative to spot welding, especially when it is important to maintain the integrity of the coating. The minimum dimensions of the tool in combination with compact equipment allow you to work in hard-to-reach areas, while the connection of the flanging (bends) can be from 10 mm.With the C-grip, you can easily work in hard-to-reach places and with narrow parts.The high-strength and permanent connection can be quickly and easily repeated thanks to the compact forming tool (punch/die) and the high stroke force of 35kN.The UVS-10 model can be reconfigured for different thicknesses of the joined sheets due to the built-in adjusting nut, and this will take no more than 5 minutes.The working part of the tool can also become part of automated production. Possibility of installation on a robotic complex, linear drives, etc.A swivel ring is included as standard, which allows the tool to rotate 360 ​​degrees, allowing the operator to work in different planes.The payback period of the tool is very short due to minimal operating and maintenance costs and the absence of additional fasteners.

    What does a reliable connection mean?

    The resulting "press rivet" (rivet, hemp, cold soldering, clinch connection) is a reliable one-piece connection of mating metal sheets or profiles under pressure. The formation process takes place by cold stamping of materials with the formation of positive locking in one working cycle of the Punch. The connection can be either two-layer or multi-layer, while it is possible to connect parts made of stainless steel and ordinary, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. It can also be an advantage that there is no damage to the surface finish of painted or coated parts.

    What are the benefits of a connection?

    The connection has high strength characteristics;The formation of a "press rivet" occurs in 0.6 - 1.2 seconds;There is no limit on the number of layers of material to be joined;Possibility of joining blanks from different steels and alloys;No additional fasteners;Corrosion-resistant connection due to lack of heating;Rectangular connection point is excellent for hardened steels, stainless steels;The output is of excellent quality;

    Where is it applied?

    Possessing reliability, ergonomics, unpretentiousness and instantaneous speed of creating a rivet joint, the manual pneumatic peening press UVS-10 has proven itself in small and large enterprises specializing in the production of ventilation systems (fire dampers, ventilation dampers and other various products), as well as for the production traffic signs, household appliances, metal cabinets, electrical cabinets, refrigeration equipment, machinery manufacturing and other industrial fields.

    By purchasing this press, you can choose a cutting tool: a matrix and a punch (selected by the customer depending on the shape of the rivet joint and the thickness of the sheets to be joined).

    When buying as a gift:

    Swivel ringPneumohydraulic boosterLeather gloves

    Buy with this tool:

    High performance grease for tools and equipmentGrease syringePneumoblock for air preparation for tools and equipmentBracket for installation on an automatic line or robotSpring balancerHydraulic oil for tools and equipmentStrap for hanging the instrument over the shoulderDevelopment of individual solutions: automation of production processes, robotization and control of connection processes

    The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

    Buckling machines
    Drive type / Console drive Hydraulic
    Minimum air pressure 4.5 bar
    Maximum air pressure 6.0 bar
    Cycle time 0.6-1.2 sec
    Metal thickness (400 N / mm2) 3.5 mm
    Console drive Pneumo-hydraulic
    Stroke force 35 kN
    Working stroke (frame opening) 10 mm
    Frame offset 35 mm
    Control Pneumatic (Button)
    Hydraulic hose (length) 2 m
    TNVED code 8467298509
    Main characteristic
    Weight, kg 3.6 kg

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