This is an pneumatic riveter machine for pressing the corners of rectangular ducts with integrated flanges, type TDC / TDF.
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    Пневматический пуклевочный станок УВС-5
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    580.00 x 395.00 x 265.00 mm
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198 000 р.
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The UVS-5 model is equipped with a pneumatic drive with an eccentric amplifier, which makes the tool easy to use in any production. The movable matrix arm with a pneumatic drive provides the necessary distance for unhindered positioning of the tool at the desired point of the flange, the operator just needs to press the console control button. In this case, a flange bus height of up to 30 mm is allowed. the tool pays for itself very quickly due to low maintenance and operating costs

Advantages of UVS-5 tool:

  1. Quiet operation of the instrument;
  2. Long service life due to simple design and the use of tool, heat-treated steels;
  3. Punch and Die are made of durable alloy steel;
  4. The movable die console allows you to easily install the press in the desired place of the connected "bus-rail", while the console drive is pneumatic and controlled by pressing a button;
  5. Quick and easy change of Punch and Die;
  6. Safe work in fire hazardous enterprises, there is no spark and smoke; environmental friendliness;
  7. Consumption of "energy" only at the moment of creating a connection, unlike electric tools.

The resulting "press rivet" (rivet, bulge, cold soldering, clinch connection) is a reliable one-piece connection of mated metal sheets or profiles under pressure. The forming process takes place by cold stamping of materials with the formation of a form-fit in one working Punch cycle. The connection can be either two-layer or multi-layer, while parts made of stainless steel and ordinary, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals can be connected together. An advantage is also the absence of damage to the surface finish of painted or coated parts.

  1. The connection has high strength characteristics;
  2. The formation of "press rivets" occurs instantly;
  3. No restrictions on the number of layers of the material to be joined;
  4. The ability to connect workpieces from different steels and alloys;
  5. Lack of additional fasteners;
  6. No surface disturbance due to heating, corrosion resistance is not compromised;
  7. The connection point of rectangular section is excellent for steels with increased hardness, stainless steels;
  8. The output is excellent quality products.

By purchasing the UVS-5 pneumatic buckling machine, you can choose any matrix, according to the total thickness of the processed material

(with the order, indicate the matrix No.).

 1 Matrix No. 1 for the total thickness of the joined sheets 0.8 -1.5 mm (art. 000351)
 2 Matrix No. 2 for the total thickness of the joined sheets 1.6-2.0 mm (art. 000352)
 3 Matrix No. 3 for the total thickness of the joined sheets 2.1-2.5 mm (art. 000353)
 4 Matrix No. 4 for the total thickness of the joined sheets 2.6-3.0 mm (art. 000354)
 5 Matrix No. 5 for the total thickness of the joined sheets 3.1-3.5 mm (art. 000355)

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Buckling machines
Drive type / Console drive Pneumatic
Minimum air pressure 5.0 bar
Maximum air pressure 7.0 bar
Cycle time 0.9-1.4 sec
Metal thickness (aluminum 250 N / mm2) 3.5 mm
Metal thickness (400 N / mm2) 3.0 mm
Metal thickness (stainless steel 600 N / mm2) 2.0 mm
Maximum flange height 30 mm
Rotation of die and punch 90 degrees
Air consumption no more 315 l / min (4.7 l / 1 cycle)
Main characteristic
Dimensions LxWxH, mm overall dimensions 560х320х142 mm; packing size 580x395x265 mm;
Weight, kg weight without packaging 7.1 kg weight with packaging 13 kg

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