Plasma cutting machine of our own production with a working area of 3030x1530 mm.
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    Станок для плазменной резки с рабочим столом 3030х1530мм
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    550.00 kg
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    3,700.00 x 2,150.00 x 1,500.00 mm
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575 000 р.
In stock

Main advantage:

The main advantage of our equipment is ease of use and reliability.

Any person with basic computer skills can become an operator on this machine. The machine is controlled by an accessible and easy-to-learn program,

which is already laid down with the basic shapes used, such as: circle, square, flanges, washers, etc. 


Training to work on the machine, the process of creating drawings, converting them into a control program - is carried out at the Supplier's territory free of charge. The training process is one day.


In terms of quality, plasma cutting is almost comparable to laser cutting, however, it is significantly less costly and makes it possible to machine thicker metal. Equipment for air - plasma cutting of metal has a contactless system for controlling the height of the torch. It is designed and used to accurately maintain the distance between the material being processed and the torch (plasma torch). This ensures the correct physical location of the plasma arc torch in the material (sheet), which is the main factor determining the cut angle of the part and the time of using the consumable components of the plasmatron. Such a system is also necessary in case of any irregularities on the workpiece being processed, which preserves the integrity and performance of an expensive cutter.

Plasma cutting machine includes the following units and mechanisms:

1. Machine support

The support of the machine is located on the portal to which an automatic contactless height control system is installed, the carrier of the plasmatron.

This system, unlike mechanical systems implemented on support bearings, does not have physical contact with the surface of the metal being processed. Due to contact with metal during cutting, displacement of the workpiece can occur, the bearing can fall into the holes in the metal or rise from the existing elevations, etc., which affects the accuracy of cutting. The presence of a contactless system makes cutting as accurate as possible, while the gap between the plasma torch and the metal surface is maintained due to the measurement of the plasma voltage arcs. This parameter is processed by the CNC and then the signal is transmitted to the Z axis, which either raises or lowers the torch during the cutting process.

2. Stepper motors.

Stepper motors provide movement of the machine support and the portal as a whole using guides. Movement along the guides occurs due to the transmission of torque from the motor through the rack / pinion.

The advantage of stepper motors:

  1. · High torque at low rpm;
  2. · Fixed angle of rotation of the rotor with guaranteed accuracy;
  3. · Excellent repeatability of positioning;
  4. · The stepper motor does not burn out when the load exceeds its torque;
  5. · Long term of operation;
  6. · Maintenance free, easy to install and use.

3.Linear guides:

Linear guides and carriages (bearings) mounted on the machine are used by the well-known supplier HIWIN. Due to the use of these components, the equipment operates with a high accuracy of the component + \ - 0.1 mm.

4.Flexible cable channels:

The flexible cable channels used are used to protect the machine wiring from damage during the movement of the portal along the coordinate axes. The “hose-package” of the plasmatron is also laid in the cable channels. Due to a certain minimum bending radius, the wiring does not break, does not stretch and is retained in correctly laid harnesses.

5.Cnc stand with monitor:

Rack CNC controlling the plasma cutting machine, equipped with a 7-inch color monitor. The computer used is an industrial-type computer that is not afraid of temperature extremes, dust, humidity, unlike machines equipped with the control program of the Mach3 machine installed either on the basis of an ordinary household computer or laptop. Also included in the used CNC rack is a library of ready-made shapes that allows you to use geometric patterns such as circle, square and complex flanges. The operator just needs to select the required shape, set the dimensions, the number of parts, place them on the existing workpiece and start cutting, which saves time during the operation of the equipment, since there is no need to make an additional drawing using the Compass, AutoCad, etc.

6.Downloading parts from USB:

If it is necessary to cut special parts, the control program is created through software (in Russian language) supplied with the equipment, after which it is loaded into the machine via a USB-connector using a regular flash drive.

7.Care cut:

A neat cut allows you to avoid secondary metal processing. Plasma cutting is one of the most effective methods of thermal cutting of metals.

8. Plasma source (Hypertherm Powermax):

Plasma cutting sources are American company HYPERTHERM, or Taiwanese manufacturer DOG. These manufacturers maximally meet the requirements of operation in machine cutting conditions. For this, the sources are equipped with a non-oscillatory type of ignition of a plasma arc that generates electromagnetic inductions that negatively affect the stability of the operation of CNC machines, and pneumatic ignition that locally closes the electrode in the area of the plasma torch contributes to the appearance of an arc.

9. Consumables:

Plasma consumables have a direct impact on the result. The quality of the cut, its evenness and accuracy depend on them. When used correctly, they provide quality performance over a long period. You will easily notice the need for replacement by the deterioration of the edge quality or by a change in the color of the arc. The main consumables are nozzles and electrodes.

10. Compressor:

Compressor used to provide the required air flow and pressure in the cutting area. The compressor serves as a source of compressed air required for supply to the plasma torch. Because the plasma arc only destroys the cutting site, the air allows the combustion products of the metal to be blown out perpendicularly, thereby achieving precision during cutting.

11. Tables for cutting metal for a CNC plasma cutting machine (Options).

A. Table without extractor hood.

The machine can be equipped with a metal frame table without a hood. This option is perfect for cutting when working in a well-ventilated area, or when working at low intensity, as well as in rooms with high ceilings.

B. Table with single zone hood.

The simplest and most inexpensive option for smoke removal can be the supply of an air duct to a frame metal table with the connection of two or one snails with a motor to create traction. This design of the table differs from the first version in that the table is sheathed with a sheet of metal around the perimeter and turns into a conditional "tank", inside which there are two strings of air ducts, which, in turn, are equipped with technological holes along the entire length from which the combustion products are sucked in. metal cutting process.

B. Multi-section table with zone extraction.

The most effective smoke extraction option is to install a modular sectional table. 

This method has an advantage over single-zone suction from the entire surface of the table, since the resulting smoke is sucked in with greater thrust directly at the place of metal processing. This table is a welded structure and is divided by a certain number of metal sections depending on the length of the work surface. Each section (module) is separated from the other by partitions. Longitudinal stiffeners are vertically installed on the top of the modules over the entire surface of the table.

They are necessary to place the metal for further cutting.

 The sections have a special pipeline channel with a closing air damper.

The damper is controlled by a pneumatic cylinder. Thus, the work of the hood looks like this: in the process of gas-plasma cutting, the cutter moves relative to the workpiece lying on the table surface. When a portal with a cutter passes over one or another section of the table, the induction sensor gives a command through the peripheral equipment to trigger the pneumatic cylinders. The required pneumatic cylinder opens the damper and the exhaust takes place in the section where the cutter is currently located and the metal is being processed.

To connect the table to the machine you need:

  1. Compressed air compressor (as a rule, a free compressor outlet is used to which the plasma cutting source is connected);
  2. The table is connected through the outlet flange in the ventilation volute to pump out the combustion products;
  3. The power supply of the table electronics (induction sensors and solenoid valves) is connected to the 24 volt terminal of the machine.

12. Multiple use.

The working table for cutting metal is equipped with stiffeners that are consumables for the machine. The stiffeners are rectangular plates and are replenished by cutting a 2mm thick sheet on this machine. As one or another stiffener wears out, it is replaced, but before final disposal, the rib is turned over and its opposite side is used, thus doubling the service life.

Additional software of our partners:

We can also advise you good specialists who, for a separate amount, can install software (computer-aided design system), consisting of many elements for the manufacture of air ducts and gutters.

The PractiCAM computer-aided design system is focused on the creation of elements of ventilation and air conditioning systems, air ducts for performing various tasks in mechanical engineering from sheet and coil metal, as well as from tube blanks. The use of CNC plasma cutting and a specialized program will allow manufacturers of ventilation and air conditioning systems to automate production and to reduce the influence of the human factor, and therefore to increase the quality of products and productivity. PractiCAM works with any CNC torches: plasma, laser and others. The program has great functionality for cutting sheet metal, i.e., it is focused not only on the production of air ducts, but also flat parts.

You can:

1. Create air ducts of any type, as well as any other elements from sheet and coil metal, and pipe blanks

2.Import orders from 1C: Accounting

3.Save metal and automatically calculate the cutting

4.Use a wide range of standard templates for reports.

5. Mark parts in the PractiCAM ™ system. Various label templates are provided for your attention, but if they do not suit you with something, then you can create your own template.

6. Segment large size products in manual and automatic mode.

And much more...

Standard software packages to choose from:

Practicam for standard parts.

This package allows the user to: Use libraries of parametric flat (two-dimensional) parts, create flat parts using a graphical editor. Work with a graphic model of a part, set dimensions, material and thickness. Use multiple layers when creating a part. Create a library of used materials indicating the thickness of the material. and type (sheet, roll). Import files with the extension .dxf, .dwg (AutoCAD systems, Compass, etc.). Apply automatic laying of parts on metal sheets using various algorithms, including the combined cut. parts on metal sheets manually. Based on the results of laying, generate and print layouts. Based on the results of laying, automatically generate a sequence of control (CNC) commands for the cutter. Set the parameters of the cutter (table dimensions, positioning and orientation of the table, size and shape of the cut at the entrance and cut at the output) Determine the method of transferring control commands to the cutter (via file l or COM-port). Import / export files with the .pmx extension (PractiCAM ™ program files).

Practicam for ventilation:

This package allows the user to: Use a library of fittings (fittings). Work with a three-dimensional graphic model of a fitting, set dimensions, allowances, material, define a fitting cutting method. Work with a library of fittings accessories, set dampers, stiffeners, ties, swivel blades. Use various marking grooves, automatically generate bending lines, create marking lines. Create a library of used materials indicating the material thickness and type (sheet, roll). Create a library of used allowances (connectors, locks, joints). Apply automatic laying of product patterns on metal sheets with using various algorithms, including a combined cut. Laying patterns of products on metal sheets manually. Based on the results of laying, generate and print layouts. Based on the results of laying, automatically generate a sequence of control (CNC) commands for the cutter. Set cutter parameters (dimensions table , positioning and orientation of the table, size and shape of the cut at the entrance and cut at the exit). Determine the method of transmission of control commands to the cutter (via a file or COM port). Automatically segment (cut into parts) large-sized patterns. Automatically add allowances during segmentation. Create and edit allowances connecting the segmented parts of the patterns. Create tables for recalculating the cross-section parameters of fittings and use them when creating fittings. Import / export files with the .pmx extension (PractiCAM ™ program files).

Practicam classics:

This package combines the PractiCAM ™ Generic Parts and PractiCAM ™ Ventilation Packages and provides all the options listed for these packages.

The total cost of the plasma cutting machine:

The cost of a machine with a working area of 3030 X 1530 mm will be 500,000 rubles.

It can be supplemented with a source of plasma cutting Hypertherm Powermax 45, with the ability to pierce metal up to 12 mm thick, costing 160,000 rubles. Thus, the total cost of the machine with the Hypertherm Powermax 45 plasma source will be 660,000 rubles.

Profile cutting module for pipes - 250,000 rubles. (additional option)

The cost of the Practicam system is calculated by the company's specialists.

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Plasma cutting
Gantry machine dimensions 3700mm x 2150mm x 1500mm
Metal cutting table frame with one-zone hood (option)
Dimensions of the max size of metal for cutting 3030mm х 1530mm
Used room temperature from 0 ºС to +40 ºС
Type of used CNC industrial, based on ARM7 chip
Display 7-inch color LCD
Library of ready-made shapes (shapes) for metal cutting yes, includes 40 types, sizes can be adjusted
Reading programs from USB (flash drive) CNC stand is equipped with a USB connector
Cutting height control system automatic, contactless software in relation to metal
Plasma source Hypertherm Powermax 45
Maximum metal cutting thickness up to 12 mm
X-axis motors type; Y; Z: stepping bipolar
Type of torque transmission from the engine to the portal rack / pinion
Maximum positioning speed up to 15,000mm / min
Machine positioning accuracy + / - 0,1mm
Guides used profile rail
Main characteristic
Weight, kg 550 kg

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