MPU-30303: height 3 meters, width 3 meters, lifting capacity 3 tons

The Mobile Loading Device (MPU) has two caster wheels and two directional wheels, allowing operation in confined spaces. The design of the mobile loading device allows for quick installation.

A mobile loading device (MPU) consists of a span beam, support beams, struts, jibs, swivel wheels (two of them with a brake), which are attached to each other with extra strong fasteners (strength class 10.9). The span beam is used for hanging the hoist. The span beam of the mobile loading device is an I-beam with welded flanges for attaching it to the uprights. Support beams and posts are made of a square section.

The mobile loading device (MPU) can be operated both indoors and outdoors. Operation is allowed at an ambient temperature not lower than minus 40 degrees Celsius.



1. The hoist of the corresponding capacity and the carriage are included in the price! You get a completely finished version!

2. The crane is completely collapsible and fits into a 4 ton gazelle!

3. It is possible to manufacture a crane according to your parameters!


By size (example):

Working dimensions are indicated everywhere.

All dimensions are preliminary. We make machines to order.

If the working width is 4 meters, then the outer dimension is + 0.4m approximately.

Outside changes depending on the carrying capacity.

External dimensions depend on tonnage.

Ural Sunrise Company.

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Грузоподъемность, тонн 3 tons
Main characteristic
Dimensions LxWxH, mm Height 3 meters, width 3 meters
We make Gantry cranes!
We make Gantry cranes!
We make Gantry cranes! You can find them here: to video on work: the photo, a gantry crane is holding a corrugated elbow machine...

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