Mechanical guillotine Metal Master GBR-1315 // 3 in 1: rolling machine, guillotine, bending machine

Three in one: segmented bending machine, rolling machine, guillotine.

When you need a complete solution for sheet metal processing and the creation of complex products, then look at such functional equipment as the mechanical universal machine MetalMaster of the GBR-Manual series. This technique is a full-fledged workplace and allows you to perform the following technological operations: bending and cutting of sheet metal, radial deformation of metal sheets. The thickness of the material to be processed should not exceed 1.5mm. Workpiece width up to 1320 mm.

The advantages of the implemented technique are as follows:

The optimal solution for small-scale production of metal products. The machine is suitable for creating additional elements, elements of drainage and ventilation systems, as well as other metal profiles with a simple or complex shape. Suitable for work in a small repair shop or private workshop;

Working elements of the structure are made of high quality steel, which excludes their premature wear. Long service life guarantee;

The machine operator does not have to have any special skills to get started. It is enough for him to undergo a short briefing, and the specialist can start performing technological operations;

Parts and assemblies of the machine are resistant to vibration and corrosion;

The output is products of excellent quality (without any dents and defects);

The bending beam is divided into segments - this allows you to create complex box-shaped products where non-parallel lines are provided;

The design of the high rigidity machine has additional reinforcement. The technique under consideration is characterized by increased wear resistance;

Vertical bending press allows high-quality and fast bending operations, bends parts up to 90 degrees. Unlimited sheet feed. The positioning of the workpiece is done using the back stops;

The equipment is set in motion by turning the knobs located on the sides of the mechanical universal machine MetalMaster of the GBR-Manual series;

The machine is perfect for working with sheet metal. Needed for those who need functional equipment for high-quality processing of products in a small production space.

What should you look for when buying this equipment?

First of all, consider the thickness of the metal to work with. Depending on the modification, the equipment allows bending and cutting metal sheets with a thickness of 1 to 1.5 mm. The rolling diameter for the GBR 1310 is 62 mm and for the GBR 1315 this value is 76 mm.

The implemented technique is suitable for small workshops whose main activity is the creation of various decorative products, curtain rods, gutters, additional elements and other sheet metal profiles. The presence of a small special groove in the design of the machine allows you to bend pipes and fittings, which significantly expands the scope of the machine. The side arms of the optimum length are provided for working operations. An employee needs to put the minimum amount of effort into solving technological problems. Durability - the equipment has a high-quality construction, which is suitable even for a serious operational load for a long time.

And so if you need an unpretentious equipment in maintenance that can serve for more than one year and is designed for complex work on bending, cutting and radius deformation of sheet metal, then pay attention to the mechanical universal machine MetalMaster GBR - Manual.

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Metal Master GBR-1315
Maximum width of the processed sheet, mm 1320
Maximum sheet thickness for guillotine, mm 1.5
Upper blade tilt angle, degrees 1.5
Maximum sheet thickness for listogib, mm 1.5
Maximum bending angle, degrees 90
Maximum sheet thickness during rolling, mm 1.5
Minimum rolling diameter, mm 75
Main characteristic
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 1830x610x970 mm
Weight, kg 530 kg

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