Roller knife for work on a bending machine Tapco Max 20 / Super Max (Knife MAX Cut-Off)
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    Нож МАХ Cut-Off
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Cut-off roller knife MAX CUT OFF is designed to work in conjunction with plate bending machines of the MAX and SUPER MAX series. Allows high quality cutting of sheet metal up to 0.9mm, without burrs and damage to the sheet coating. Due to the ease of use and cutting speed, it extremely increases the productivity of the production of additional elements on the bending machine. The knife is designed to be used safely even by an untrained operator. The cutting element in this knife are rollers with a sharp edge, made of special high-strength hardened steel. These rollers are designed for a long service life, but can be replaced if worn. The guide rollers are also replaceable.

Supplied in an impact-resistant plastic case.


1. Roller knife

2. Case for storage and transportation

3. Feed restrictor (2 pieces included)

4. Feed stop scale (2 pieces per set)

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

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