The world-renowned Makita company is a leader in construction tools. The company has been creating tools for over 80 years. The company's products develop tools for working with concrete, wood, logging, gardening, and other construction industries. All Makita products are highly durable to ensure a long service life even under extreme operating conditions. Also, the products are very ergonomic and balanced, which allows you to hold the tool in your hand for a long time and without wasting extra energy.

Makita Electric Works was opened in March 1915 by Mr. Masaburo Makita in Japan. The company initially dealt with the sale and refurbishment of lighting fixtures, various motors and transformers. In 1935, the export of goods to Russia began, such as generators and electric motors. In 1958, the company began manufacturing Japan's first handheld electrical appliance. And 4 years later, the Makita trademark was registered. In 1970, after the opening of a new factory and the founding of Makita U.S.A. Inc., there has been a big leap in the distribution of goods in many countries such as Australia, Great Britain, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Austria and many others. In 1991, the company acquired a chain saw factory in Germany. Makita tool factories are located in more than 5 countries. And thanks to their strength, reliability and ease of use, Makita tools have become famous and popular around the world. For over 80 years, Makita has been at the forefront of building tools for wood, concrete and other materials. The technical equipment of the factories ensures the quality of the products, and also satisfies the different needs of customers, since the assortment includes a selection of more than 1000 different tools, which is constantly being replenished.

MAKITA ADVANTAGES Very high level of reliability and durability of tools; Quality service; Availability of highly skilled workers; Adaptation to customer needs.

Electric sheet shears Makitа JS 1602

Electric sheet shears Makitа JS 1602

Weight:2.00 kg
Price on request
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