It is used when connecting the bus-rail (flange bus) to the ventilation box.

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Fast and economical connection

The most economical and simple way of joining two or more metal parts is a butt joint. The UVS-350 machine allows forming a connecting element from raw materials using cold stamping and easily reproducible joining points. It doesn't matter if the workpieces are coated or uncoated. UVS-350 joins materials with a total thickness of 0.8 mm to 4 mm. The result is a long-lasting connection in one stroke without the need for additional connectors.

  1. Designed for connecting flanged busbars to the ventilation duct;
  2. Manual riveter press UVS-350 joins material from 0.8 mm to 4 mm thick;
  3. The machine has a swivel arm for fast positioning;
  4. The connection of parts is carried out without thermal effects;
  5. Cutting and pressing parts are made of high strength steel

Dimensional drawing:

When the connection points are on top

The upper tool is available in die swivel arm or die arm fixed. For the lower tool, a fixed punch arm is available. The design of the die and its console depends on the type and thickness of the material.

For bottom connection points

The upper tool is available as a fixed punch arm or a pivot arm to the punch. A fixed die arm is available for the lower tool. The design of the die and its console depends on the type and thickness of the material.

Application methods:

Channel connection

A maximum of three parts can be connected, including parts with different sheet thicknesses. For coated sheets, structural steel, stainless steel, aluminum or with an intermediate layer (e.g. adhesives and synthetic mats).

Connecting frame profiles

For installation of connecting flanges in ventilation ducts and heating systems.

Contents of delivery:



The connection point is robust and resistant to various influences, and the connection points are resistant to corrosion.

Without connecting elements

No screws or rivets required. This reduces cost and simplifies handling.

Perfect surface in one stroke

The quality of the connection does not depend on whether the surface is coated or not.

120 connection points per minute

Simple execution of a single stroke with consistent strength and connection quality.

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Buckling machines
Metal thickness (aluminum 250 N / mm2) 4.0 mm
Metal thickness (400 N / mm2) 3.5 mm
Metal thickness (stainless steel 600 N / mm2) 2.5 mm
Minimum sheet thickness 0.8 mm
Edge distance (min / max) 8/58
Maximum docking force 25 kN
Maximum board height 36 mm
Main characteristic
Type of drive Electric; 220/50 V / Hz; 1.4KW
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 411х358х265 mm
Weight, kg 9 kg

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