Manual guillotine 2 meters with a device for precise positioning of the workpiece!
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    Гильотина ручная 2000х1.25мм
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    511.00 kg
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    2,580.00 x 760.00 x 1,200.00 mm
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Manual guillotine shears are designed for manual cutting of sheet metal. Polymer pads protect the material from damage. The simplicity and reliability of the design ensure long-term flawless operation. The convenience of the design allows cutting metal in the shortest possible time. It is a reliable and inexpensive guillotine shear for cutting sheet steel in production. Options: 1. The guillotine is equipped with a pressure beam with polymer pads to securely hold the workpiece during cutting and provides a safe distance for the operator's hands from the cutting knives. 2. On both sides of the working table of the guillotine there are measuring rulers. 3. The back stop of the guillotine is equipped with a device for precise positioning of the workpiece relative to the ruler. 4. The cut is carried out by the operator manually from the comfortable side. 5. Increased angle of rotation and two operating handles make the operator's work easier and increase the cutting accuracy. 6. For work with long workpieces, a front stop is provided on the guillotine.

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Type of drive Manual
Working length, mm 2000 mm
Metal thickness, mm 1.25 mm
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 2580х760х1200 mm
Weight, kg 511 kg

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