The 3EMAKINA ADF KM-02 automatic line is designed for the production of square and rectangular air ducts
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    Линия для изготовления прямоугольных воздуховодов ККМ-02 (1500)
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    2,000.00 kg
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    2,200.00 x 2,200.00 x 1,500.00 mm
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    1. The 3EMAKINA ADF KM-02 automatic line is designed for the production of square and rectangular air ducts;
    2. Thanks to the special design, this unit allows you to perform 2 operations (bending and cutting), which makes the production process faster and more economical. The machine also has a compact size;
    3. The bending and cutting process is carried out by means of a hydraulic drive. Automatic control of the installation using a PLC. In addition to rectangular channels, it is possible to perform straight parts of channels, as well as in the form of U and L;
    4. Easy and simple operation using the touch control panel. The touch screen displays all the necessary data, which allows you to control the production process;
    5. With this machine, 180 m2 of rolled metal can be processed per hour.

    Recommendations for use

      1. The ADF KM02 line is suitable for any ventilation-related production;
      2. It is used for serial production of rectangular ducts

      Состав линии: 

      1. Coil Decoilers – 2 pcs.

        Correct-feeding device//Bending station//Cutting station

        Two stations for applying stiffeners (trapezoid and Z-shape)

        Control panel with controller in Russian

        Printer for printing marking stickers

      The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

      KKM line
      Type of drive Hydraulic
      Working length 1500 mm
      Minimum duct cross-section 100х100 mm
      Maximum duct cross-section 2000х2000 mm
      Maximum roll weight 5000 kg
      Engine power 2.2 kW
      Main characteristic
      Metal thickness, mm 0.5-2.0 mm
      Power supply 3x380/50 V/Hz
      Dimensions LxWxH, mm 2200х2200х1500 мм
      Weight, kg 2000 kg

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