With the automatic TDF flange making line, the air duct production process becomes economical, fast and accurate.
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    Линия для изготовления прямоугольных воздуховодов ACD-U1300
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    8,000.00 kg
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    8,500.00 x 2,500.00 x 1,720.00 mm
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The ACD-U1300 line performs almost the entire cycle of manufacturing a TDF flange for a straight section of a rectangular duct - unwinding rolled metal, straightening a sheet (straightening), applying stiffeners, cutting corners for a TDF flange, manufacturing a Pittsburgh seam, bending a duct, and cutting a finished duct. The line is controlled by CNC, the menu is in Russified, all parameters are set on the Touch-screen of the UVS-1500 line control system. With the automatic TDF flange making line, the air duct production process becomes economical, fast and accurate. Manufacturing of boxes with a TDF-flange is 40% faster compared to a bus-rail. The release of large volumes of high quality products allows you to increase sales in the market in a short time.


The line includes:

  1. 3 decoilers on a common frame 1500 x 5000;
  2. Correct feeding device with pressure regulation;
  3. Stiffening rib application system;
  4. Hydraulic angle notching module for forming TDF, automatic flange height positioning;
  5. Formation of the Pittsburgh seam in one pass, cutting along the length along the flange;
  6. The guillotine also allows you to cut metal into sheets along the length;
  7. Receiving tables before and after the Pittsburgh roll forming block;
  8. Integrated flange forming unit;
  9. Hydraulic module for automatic bending of a box with a finished flange;

Line features:

  1. The CNC system allows you to select a program for release from several options;
  2. 2 modes of system control: CNC panel with color display "touch-screen" for automatic operation and a duplicate remote control on buttons for semi-automatic control;
  3. the control system allows you to set any size allowance for the connecting seam;
  4. built-in counters for roll length and number of products produced;
  5. the hydraulic system consists of high quality pumps and valves;
  6. guillotine and listogib knives are made of high-quality heat-hardened steel;
  7. the correct-feeding device consists of 6 rollers made of 45 steel with surface grinding, as well as rubberized pulling rollers;
  8. The decoiler station is equipped with an automatic control unit with feedback and a soft start device.

Commissioning and personnel briefing:

Commissioning works are carried out by authorized specialists who have undergone special training. Departure of a specialist for commissioning is carried out on the basis of an application received from the buyer within three days. By the time the specialist arrives, the buyer must have carried out in accordance with the instructions for installing the equipment at the workplace and have connected the appropriate communications.

To carry out commissioning work, a separate contract is required. The cost of commissioning is discussed separately!

For this line you will need this machine:

• Automatic riveter machine

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

UVS-1500 line with integrated flange
Profiling speed, m / min up to 20
Roll width, mm 1500
Metal thickness, mm 0.5-1.2 mm
Number of rolls 3
Stiffener shape parallel, U-shaped
Installation area, m 12
Smallest air duct section, mm 125х125 mm
Maximum coil weight, t 5 tons
Main characteristic
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 8500х2500х1720 mm
Weight, kg 8000 kg

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