The Ural sheet bending machine has many options that you can purchase additionally.

In this small review, we would like to acquaint you with them in more detail, because this may affect your convenience when working with the Ural sheet bending machine.

In order not to load this short text with information, we have prepared for you a picture and a short description of these options.

As standard, the sheet bender is supplied with a roller knife and a protractor. This is very convenient, because you do not need to buy a roller knife separately to cut your metal. (The knife cuts metal up to 0.8mm inclusive!)

Additional equipment:

Front stops with a ruler for support and cutting of metal (Conveniently hold the sheet, help to make cutting due to the measuring ruler)

Back stops for support of metal. (Helps you not to keep the sheet on weight)

Wheels for moving and transporting the bending machine

Folding machine for folding parts up to 180 degrees (The bending machine allows you to bend metal up to 180 degrees without using a folding machine. This can be done with a pressure beam)

Bending beam compensator (Allows your operator who will work behind the machine to be less tired and helps to bend your metal more easily. Automation of work.)

Bending Beam Angle Limiter of Plate Bending Machine ( With the bending angle limiter, you can fix the angle you need and bend parts without using a protractor and without distracting yourself). It helps if you need to bend a large number of parts at a certain angle. Work automation.

Pass-through sheet bending machines from the manufacturer!