Sheet bending machines "Ural" - machines of our own production!

Main advantages:

1. Roller knife with double-sided sharpening (a worn knife blade can be turned over and the knife can be used further)

2. Rigid non-separable design (due to which the listogib works with metal up to 1mm inclusive).

3. Steel beam (no aluminum rules or anything else!)

4. Large margin of safety of the bending machine! (we ourselves tested these bending machines on stainless steel up to 1.2 mm thick).

Other bending machines simply cannot withstand such a load. Their safety margin is much less - they bend metal to a maximum of 0.9 mm, and even then not for the entire length!)

5. A roller knife is already included in the machine kit (There are many where prices for bending machines without a roller knife are indicated! We have prices with a knife!)

6. Equipment modifications are possible (installation of front and rear stops at the request of the customer)

7. Standard protractors are included with the machine!

8. You can pay upon arrival at the terminal in your city!

9. The machine is easy to adjust to the desired metal thickness!

10. At the moment there is a 20% discount on Ural bending machines!

Link: Bending machine Ural

Link: Segmented plate bending machine Ural

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