Gutter systems in the modern world occupy one of the leading places on the market. They will protect the facades of buildings from water, drain it into a specially adapted gutter and in winter they protect the facade of the building and your roof from huge icicles that are ready to fall on you. There are several types of drainage systems on the market now - these are PVC and metal. Let's talk with you about metal gutter systems. Why are they, you ask? Quite simply, the metal copes better with the loads in winter and during the period of powerful torrential rains. Metal is much easier to replace than PVC and is more weather and UV resistant. Most often, metal gutters are made from a sheet of galvanized steel with a thickness of 0.45-0.55 millimeters, which can be either with a colored coating or without it. The standard dimensions of such sheets are usually 1.25x2 meters, 1.25x2.5 meters, 1.25x3 meters. The gutter accessories usually include:

Водосточная система из оцинкованного крашеного металла. Составляющие.
Gutter system made of painted galvanized metal. Components.

in order to make a gutter system by hand, we need 8 basic machines:

1. Sheet bending machine with cut-off carriage

2. False bender

3. Rolling machine

4. Folding machine

5. Corrugated knee machine

6. Beading machine

7. Round bending machine

8. Bracket bender

The main stages in the production of gutters:

1. Cutting metal

2. Making a lock

3. Pipe bending

4. Draft of the castle on the drainpipe

5. Manufacturing of the knee of the drainage system

6. Manufacturing of plugs and other elements

7. Bending gutters

8. Manufacturing elements of the fastening system

Let's consider all the stages from start to finish.

1. Cutting metal - at this stage, a bending machine of the required width is perfect for us. Our bending machines are able to handle metal up to 1.2mm thick (suitable for making rectangular ducts). With the cut-off carriage on our bending machine, you can easily cut any metal in 3 seconds! If you want a bending machine with a large number of additional options, I recommend using the Bertech bending machine (Poland). If you are interested in a more durable sheet bending machine made of high-quality high-strength steel, which bends and cuts thicker metal, take a look at the Ural bending machine.

Роликовый нож на листогибочном станке режет оцинкованный лист.
The roller knife on the bending machine cuts the galvanized sheet.

2. Making a lock - You can also make a lock using a listogib, but it is more convenient to do it on a folding bender. It is needed for bending joints in the production of downpipes and fittings for the drainage system, as well as creating additional stiffeners. Our machines are all-metal. The cast stop on the bending beam allows you to make a rebate flange with a reverse fold. A powerful hinge over the entire length of the bed prevents the bending beam from being guided under pressure. Cast hinges made of metal 20 mm thick keep the beam running for a long time without backlash, and when working with painted metal, the possibility of damage is excluded. For those who are just starting to work with galvanized metal and plan to save money on equipment, our manual folding machine FG-1300x0.7mm (metal thickness) is perfect, but if your metal is denser, then it is better to choose more powerful equipment (UFG-1300x1)

Изготавливается шов с помощью фальцегибочного станка Урал Восход.
The seam is made using the Ural Sunrise folding machine.

3. Pipe bending - A bending machine is ideal for bending pipes and sheet metal blanks. Three-roll rollers are simply irreplaceable in the manufacture of downspouts and gutters, cylindrical pipes. Manual rollers will provide an efficient production process for gutter systems. All metal shafts are used in the manufacture of our rolling machines, and the needle bearings require lubrication. The design of Ural Voskhod rolling machines is fully repairable. We make bending machines for lengths of 1.3 meters and 2 meters. If you are considering an economical option, it is worth purchasing a rolling machine VS-1300x0.8mm.

Вальцовка обечайки. Крашеный оцинкованный лист
Rolling of the shell. Painted galvanized sheet

4. The upsetting of the lock on the drainpipe - the seam settlement (or, in a simple way, the closure of the lock) occurs usually with the help of a seam machine. The most convenient are machines with a carriage option. You fix the attachment to the trunk and start rolling without any extra effort. And in order to increase the working area in the production itself, you can mount our machines on the wall! A good option for the manual type is the FOS-R 1300x1mm folding machine, the electromechanical FOS-M 1300x1mm.

Осадка лежачего фальца на водосточной трубе.
Sediment of the recumbent seam on the downpipe.
Осаживаем маленький кусочек. Ручной фальцеосадочный станок ФОС-Р. Гладкий ролик.
We plant a small piece. Manual folding machine FOS-R. Smooth roller.

5. Elbow manufacturing - For the manufacture of gutter elbows, as well as for the manufacture of gutter plugs, ZR-140x1mm zig-machines are used, complete with which you can find three pairs of rollers for corrugation, flanging and rolling of stiffeners. With their help, bending of the edges, the manufacture of locks for connecting pipes, cutting pipes and gutters, as well as corrugating downpipes to connect them is performed.

This is far from the only way to make a corrugated knee, because it is more convenient to make it on a hand-held machine of our production Corrugated knee SG-140. This machine is designed for the manufacture of corrugated corner transitions of circular cross-section from metal up to 0.8mm thick, which are used in ventilation systems and roof gutters. By purchasing this machine, you can create a gutter elbow within 15 seconds without using a zig machine, and 4 dies in a set of different diameters will easily help you with this. Our machines are designed in such a way that at the end you get a product that has no scratches. It is much easier and more convenient than making a knee with a zig machine, because you save a lot of time and do not waste labor.

Электромеханическое гофроколено Урал Восход АСГ-150. Гофроколена Урал Восход способны делать диаметры от 60 до 600мм включительно!
Electromechanical corrugated knee Ural Sunrise ASG-165. Corrugated knee Ural Sunrise are capable of making diameters from 60 to 600 mm inclusive!

6. Manufacturing of plugs and other elements - everything is done using a zig machine. It can be used to make flanging, corrugation, rolling of a stiffener, double ridge, radius flanging, cutting off pipes, assembling segment bends and other necessary things necessary for the production of a drainage system. More often, a standard pair of rollers is used (corrugation, flanging, stiffening rib in conjunction with rollers for assembling segment elbows).

Гофрирование. Края гофрированных водосточных труб легко соединять между собой.
Shirring. The edges of the corrugated downpipes are easy to join together.
Отбортовка. Делать, фланцы, заглушки.
Flanging. Do flanges, plugs.
Нанесение ребра жесткости. Усиление конструкции, изготовление ниппельных соединений воздуховодов.
Stiffening rib application. Reinforcement of the structure, manufacture of nipple connections for air ducts.

7. Manufacturing of stiffeners - work for a round bend 1300x1mm, with the help of which you can significantly facilitate your work in the production of a drainage system. It is designed to provide an extra reinforced stiffener on the receiving gutter.

Специальное ребро жесткости или S-кромка на водосточном желобе.
Special stiffener or S-edge on gutter.

8. Manufacturing of fasteners - for the manufacture of fasteners (brackets), it is required to cut blanks from metal strips, bend partially along the radius (the part into which the chute or pipe will lie) and bend the second part at an acute angle for mounting on the wall. For this we use lever scissors and a tool for radial bending of brackets. For bending brackets at an angle, it is most convenient to use bracket bends. Bracket bender Ural Sunrise is made of thick-walled metal and all-metal construction.

Изготовление водосточных крюков на кронштейногибе Урал Восход
Manufacturing of drainage hooks on a bracket-bender Ural Sunrise

It is enough to purchase 8 basic machines to manufacture all the details of the drainage system. Clients can be found on Avito, creating a website for a tin, on the forum, on any other portals, advertising in Yandex, through a double GIS and in a bunch of other ways.

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