A set of 5 machines to assist in the production of gutters or air ducts.
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    Комплект ручных инструментов
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    5.00 kg
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    300.00 x 150.00 x 200.00 mm

1. Seam hammer - seam hammers with a short handle "KOSYAK" are designed to form a lock on roofing pictures when installing a folded roof; The metal handle has a rubber coating for comfortable handling.

2. Shears for metal for a curved cut - this is a right-hand shears for straight and figured cutting of sheet metal; Knife material - high-carbon steel; Induction hardening of cutting edges.

3. Straight scissors "Pelican" are cutting scissors for straight high-speed cutting of sheet metal; The scissors themselves keep the direction; They do not require folding the sheet with the second hand, so you can work with both hands.

4. Double-lever cutting shears 45 - scissors for straight and curly cutting; The double lever system develops a lot of force; Ergonomic anti-slip handles, release spring, latch.

5. Rectangular mallet made of high molecular weight polyethylene is a reliable tool that is used when carrying out roofing works and works on the manufacture of an air duct and upsetting the fold by hand. In this case, the painted metal is not damaged.

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

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