Set of machines for gutter products, electromechanical type, length 2 meters

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The set consists of the following machines:

You can click on each item and select it all separately into the basket.

1. Sheet bending machine Ural +2000 - manual.

2. Seam folding bender UFG-2100x1mm - manual.

3. Rolling machine AVS-2000x1mm - electromech. 220 V

4. Folding machine FOS-M 2050x1mm electromech. 220 V

5. Beading machine ZM-140x1mm electromech. 220 V

For a present:

7. Round bender for 2 meters - manual.

8. Bracket bending machine - manual.

Additional Information:

1. Roller knife and liquid protractor are standard on the plate (sheet) bending machine.

(you can additionally purchase a folding machine, front and rear stops)

2. The round bender is standard

3. For the folding machine FOS, we advise you to purchase a corrugated roller.

4. In addition to the beading machine, you will need a roller for assembling segment bends.

(if you plan to abandon the corrugated knee and save money and make bends on a zig machine, which is much longer).

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The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

All videos can be found in our gutter machine playlist.

Separately in the card of each product there is a video on the operation of the machine

Link to the YouTube channel.

Main characteristic
Type of drive 220 V

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