Electromechanical guillotine Say-mak 2060х3mm
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    Гильотина Say-mak 2060х3мм
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    1,750.00 kg
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    2,650.00 x 2,100.00 x 1,260.00 mm
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  1. SRGM-H-2060 is a geared electromechanical guillotine with a working length of 2060 mm for cutting sheet metal up to 3 mm thick.
  2. The rigid welded frame of the machine guarantees a constant clearance of the cutting blades for a high quality metal cut.
  3. The clamping device reliably fixes the sheet along its entire length before cutting, which prevents the sheet from shifting during the cut.
  4. The front support of the workpiece allows you to work with long sheets.
  5. The price on the website is indicated for an electromechanical guillotine with a manual backgauge.

Recommendations for use:

Guillotines for metal are used for longitudinal and transverse cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous sheet metal, stainless steel and zinc, without damaging the surface.

Standard complete set:

The machine is equipped with various protection functions: blade protection, hand barrier, workpiece slip protection, emergency stop button; Lighting of the cutting line; Counter of the number of cuts; Front sheet support guides; Safety system with photocell at the rear of the machine.

Protective screen with Photocell photocell system:

Options overview:

You can purchase additional options for the electromechanical guillotine:

Handwheel for backgauge with manual control and digital display (installed on the front):

Pneumatic sheet support:

Side stop for cutting at an angle from 0 to 180 degrees:

Protective light barrier Light barrier:

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Guillotines Say-mak
Backgauge adjustment 750 mm
Table size 390х810 mm
Cutting angle 1° 30'
Number of cuts 35 cut / min
Table height 810 mm
Main characteristic
Working length, mm 2060 mm
Metal thickness, mm 0.2-3.0 mm
Manufacturer country Turkey
Power, kWt 4.0 kw
Type of drive Electric
Power supply 3x380 / 50 V / Hz
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 2650х2100х1260 mm
Weight, kg 1750 kg

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