Foot guillotine for a length of 2.5 meters for cutting metal up to 1.2mm
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    Гильотина ножная STALEXQ01-1.2x2500B
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    940.00 kg
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    3,000.00 x 600.00 x 1,200.00 mm
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The fully welded construction of this guillotine is extremely stable and reliable. When using the machine in production, you can achieve a significant reduction in labor costs due to the excellent cutting qualities of the equipment and simple control. The model is equipped with high-carbon steel cutters and a secure plate clamping mechanism. The guillotine has a workpiece feed depth limiter up to 800 mm and a foot pedal.

- fully welded steel structure

- the clamp fixes the sheet before the moment of cutting

- stop for fixing the sheet on both sides of the machine (2 places)

- high cutting ability (blade angle - about 5º)

- knives made of high carbon steel

- front extensions - 625 mm as standard (2 extensions, 4 positions for installing extensions)

- material feed depth stop - up to 800mm as standard

- unit for adjusting the gap between the knives (slide + stop)

- simple adjustment of the position of the foot pedal

- adjustment of the deflection of the knife and / or the middle of the beam for increased rigidity (stiffener)



Max. cutting length:

2500 mm

Max. cutting thickness (mild steel, non-ferrous metals)

1.2 mm

Max. cutting thickness of steel (with strength σw ≤400MPA)

0.8 mm

Table depth

300 mm

Front extensions

625 mm

Feed depth gauge with a measuring ruler

800 mm

Overall dimensions (LxWxH)

3000х600х1200 mm

Net / gross weight

740 / 940 kg

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Type of drive Foot
Working length, mm 2500 mm
Metal thickness, mm 1.2 mm (mild steel, non-ferrous metals) // 0.8 mm (with strength σв ≤400MPA).
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 3000х600х1200 mm
Weight, kg 740/940 kg
Foot guillotine STALEXQ01-1.2x2500B
Table depth 300 mm
Front extensions 625 mm
Feed depth gauge with a measuring ruler 800 mm

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