Folding machine for the manufacture of air ducts of rectangular cross section and shaped parts.
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    Фальцепрокатный станок ФПМР для круглых труб
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    290.00 kg
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    1,070.00 x 570.00 x 920.00 mm
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Our rebate rolling machine makes all the main types of seams for work related to the manufacture of air ducts and drains. With rollers for production of a lying fold (works on the principle of the folding machine).

Only our machines are equipped with an edge-bending nozzle for production of radial flange.

It serves in the formation of shaped parts of air ducts.


The folding rolling machine of the FPMR model - the equipment of the folding type. Universal, mobile machine for use in production shops and on construction sites with a possibility of fast readjustment and production of direct and curvilinear branches. As a rule, it is used for production of elements of air ducts and drains. It differs in high accuracy when performing operations. Processes different workpiece thicknesses.


The cost of this machine already includes an edge-bending nozzle. Superstructure from above "Kromkogib" (Flaring head) "for hire of a rebate" Angular flange "on radial surfaces (flange, corner) for rectangular branches 90º (It goes in the FP and FPMR model)


1. rolled rollers are heat-treated;

2. possibility to roll 6 types of a seam without readjustment;

3. mobility and compactness;

4. high productivity;

5. Folding rollers are made of special high-quality steel, with additional volume hardening.

Rollers for a round pipe of MR - serve for production of rebate connection (lock) only 7 mm wide,

that allows to save metal at production of drainage systems and air ducts -

for example, from a sheet of metal with a width of 2 m, 6 gutter pipes D 100 mm are obtained, ie the cutting of the sheet is optimized.

In addition, a small seam 7 mm wide looks more aesthetically pleasing.

Main types of seams:

+ Rollers for lying rebate MR

Corner Flange


Pittsburgh Fold and Mating

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Folding machines
Profiling speed, m / min 11 m/min
Number of pairs of profiling rollers 7+7+6
Metal thickness, mm 0.5-1.2 mm
Power, kW 1.5 kW
Main characteristic
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 1070х570х920 mm
Weight, kg 290 kg

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