Electromechanical machine for upsetting a seam on a downpipe or circular ducts
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    Фальцеосадочный станок ФОС-М 1550х1.5мм (усиленный)
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    115.00 kg
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    1,950.00 x 500.00 x 380.00 mm
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When manufacturing a folding machine up to 1.5 mm - will change:

1) the I-beam will become larger

2) the siege pipe will be larger and with a larger wall

3) the bearing area will become larger.

4) the gear motor will become bigger and more powerful

5) the closing part will be made according to a different principle, much more powerful.


To collect the cylinder obtained on the rollers by means of the previously bent recumbent folds, you need to couple them with each other and pass the resulting lock through the Folding machine,

the manufactured drainpipe will have a reliable and tight seam.

About the machine:

1. The structure of the machine is made with a wall mount, which reduces its volume on the working area.

2. A groove is made in the trunk, the seam during upsetting smoothly sinks into it, on the outside of the pipe there is no unnecessary relief from the connecting seam.

3. The clamp of the trunk allows you to adjust the pressure of the carriage on the trunk, so you can adjust the machine for the desired metal thickness.

4. The structure of the machine is made of a thick-walled pipe from 12 to 16 mm. The groove itself can be made 12 or 15 mm. Our machines are more durable than those where the machine structure is made of a thin-walled tube. In them, the groove is not sharpened deeply, due to which the seam on the machine does not roll up correctly.

Additional options.

By default, the machine is made with a wall mount. You can order:

1. It is possible to mount on a wall (pivoting hinge).

2. Smooth roller is installed by default, it is possible to install corrugated roller.

3. It is possible to install the machine stand. Made from pipe 250x250x6

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Folding machines
Minimum pipe diameter, mm 80 mm
Seam width, mm 10-16 mm
Main characteristic
Metal thickness, mm 1.5 mm
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 1950х500х380 mm
Weight, kg 115 kg

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