Folding machine for closing the Pittsburgh seam of rectangular ducts.

The folding machine is suitable for the installation of heating and ventilation systems, chimneys and industrial fans, as well as for facades. It is a great tool for closing Pittsburgh, corner and standing seams.

Ideal for closing (upsetting) the Pittsburgh fold ("American"). The Pittsburgh Fold is the ideal way to install rectangular ventilation ducts. When using the tools, the tool is obtained with a smooth, tight and aesthetic connection. The Pittsburgh fold ("American") is obtained by the method of continuous roller rolling, without damage to the surface and coating.

Strong, effortless fold connection

The folding machine works with its own feed, which guarantees a consistently high quality of the folds.

Comfortable work

Work fast with low noise and vibration.

Fast and easy use

The folding machine is ready to use with just a few simple manipulations and is extremely easy to handle.

Mobile use

You can install the folding machine directly on site, even on mounted ducts.

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Folding machine for air ducts
Minimum metal thickness (400N / mm2), mm 0.5 mm
Maximum metal thickness (400N / mm2), mm 1.25 mm
Seam height (fold), mm 9-11 mm
Board height, mm 7-9 mm
Power, kWt 0.5 kw
Main characteristic
Working length, mm 1250 mm
Type of drive Electric
Weight, kg 5.4 kg

Tags: Folding machine (air ducts) UV-300