Dear Clients!

Our company works with both legal and private individuals.

How to order and pay for the goods?

For legal entities, payment is made by bank transfer according to the invoice for payment. The account is valid for 3 days.

You can get an invoice for payment:

- by email

- by phones 8 (800) 100-35-01 (toll-free in Russia), +7 (717) 269-69-27 (for Kazakhstan)

- on the checkout page, by clicking the Buy button

2. For individuals, payment is made in cash through a branch of Sberbank or by credit card.

To receive a receipt for payment:

- click the Buy button, on the Product page,

- call us by phone: 8 (800) 100-35-01 (toll-free in Russia), +7 (717) 269-69-27 (for Kazakhstan)

- or write an e-mail


Attention! Payment upon delivery is possible!

What does pay-as-you-go mean?

Let's say you have chosen a sheet bending machine for 118,000 rubles and signed a contract with us.

Suppose that delivery to you in Shymkent costs 12,400 rubles.

You pay us 2 freight costs (round trip), i.e. 12,400x2 = 24,800 rubles.

Because we also don't want to take risks. You do not have to pick up the equipment - then the entire freight and its payment will fall on us!

We make a bending machine for you, shoot a video (make a photo report if necessary) and send you the machine.

We send the machine to ourselves, so that you pay extra for it upon arrival at the terminal in Shymkent.

The machine arrives at your place, you are notified of the arrival of the machine.

You can come and see it at the warehouse of your TC and make sure that we have sent you the machine.

Next, you pay us the amount of 118,000 rubles (the price of the bending machine) - minus 2 shipping costs (24,800 rubles) = 93,200 rubles (the balance for the bending machine)

And it turns out what kind of machine are you in the calculation (you kind of made an advance payment not for delivery, but for the machine).

Next, we change the consignee and payer for the delivery to you - you pay 12,400 rubles to the transport company for delivering the machine to your side and pick up your machine.