The main task of production is to produce high-quality and competitive products. This requires the modernization of production or the purchase of new equipment.

our company offers you a modern solution - EQUIPMENT LEASING.

LEASING is an investment tool that makes it possible to modernize any business or expand the production line.

Leasing terms

Advance payment - from 10%

Equipment cost - from 500,000 rubles.

The term of the lease agreement is up to 36 months.

Contract currency - rubles, US dollars, euros


- We will quickly and efficiently help you to purchase the Equipment;

- Application of accelerated depreciation of equipment;

- Payments under the lease agreement are charged to the company's expenses, which allows to reduce the taxable base;

- VAT on lease payments is deducted in full;

- Your preferences are taken into account in the schedule of repayment of payments under the lease agreement (decreasing, uniform, fixed and seasonal)

- Possibility of early purchase of equipment at the residual value of ownership.


More information on equipment leasing

You can get in our sales department by phone 8 (800) 100-35-01