Bending machine Ural. Additional options.
The Ural sheet bending machine has many options that you can purchase additionally.In this small review, we would like to acquaint you with them in more detail, because this may affect your conve..
We make Gantry cranes!
We make Gantry cranes! You can find them here: to video on work: the photo, a g..
Options for the Ural sheet bending machine!
Attention! Now we are releasing additional options for Ural plate bending machines.These are: front stops with a ruler, back stops, wheels for moving the bending machine around the construction s..
20% discount on Ural bending machines!
Sheet bending machines "Ural" - machines of our own production!Main advantages:1. Roller knife with double-sided sharpening (a worn knife blade can be turned over and the knife can be used further)2. ..
What is required for the manufacture of additional elements?
Additional elements are metal products that are used on the roof and facades of buildings, protecting the very structure of the building from rain, water and other weather conditions, and in some case..
Manufacturing of drainage products. Turnkey business.
Gutter systems in the modern world occupy one of the leading places on the market. They will protect the facades of buildings from water, drain it into a specially adapted gutter and in winter they pr..
Equipment for the manufacture of air ducts | gutters. Our advantages.
Now the equipment market is full of different machines.Their quality varies and it is very difficult to choose. I would like to briefly tell you how our machines differ from those of a competitor!For ..

About our store!

Welcome to the online store of equipment for sheet metal processing!

Here you can buy equipment for the manufacture of drainage products and ducts. Our products are the most profitable for the price, because most of it is produced by us.

We have been working since 2010!

We produce the following equipment: plate bending machines, zig-machines, milling machines, folding bending machines, corrugated knives, folding machines, round bending machines, bracket benders, pendulum saws. We can bring all the rest of the equipment directly to you from China, bypassing any dealers who add value to the goods.

All equipment of our own production has a 1-year warranty and you can order all components with us without problems.

We work all over Russia and the CIS and deliver equipment intact.

You can pay all the equipment of our own production after the fact!

Роман А. / 18/01/2020
«Вот знаете, взял я фальцеосадочный станок ФОС-Р от Урал Восход и пожалел! Надо было брать сразу электромеханический, а не этот! Устаёшь от ручного сильно, а так, работает замечательно. Берите лучше с..
Николай В. / 13/01/2020
«Брали на расширение продукции гофроколено СГ-140. Доставили в срок, в деревянном каркасе. Работаем на нём больше месяца, сбоев нет. Планируем заказать у «Урал Восхода» ещё электромеханическую зиг-маш..
Артём Д. / 24/12/2019
«Салам алейкум Российской Федерации, а именно городу Челябинск. Уже тысячами заказы принимаем, работам. Благодарны за хороший качественный станок!»..
Андрей Ю. / 10/12/2019
«В видео мы изготавливаем гофроколена на станке СГ-140. Заказали с доставкой в г. Котлас, у кампании «Урал Восход». Голословно расхваливать не буду, на видео можете посмотреть всё сами. Станок работае..