Zig machine with electromechanical drive (1 pair of rollers included): stiffener.

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Industrial beading machines ZM-250, ZM-300 and ZM-600 are designed for applying stiffening ribs with a remote distance from the edge of the workpiece, as well as processing the edges of workpieces with increased metal thickness. A massive design, a modernized device for adjusting the shaft offset, reinforced shafts and shaft housings, a geared motor with increased power, all these points distinguish industrial beading from their younger counterparts.

To date, we have presented 2 models of industrial electromechanical beading - these are the ZM-300 and ZM-600 models, with roller overhangs of 300 and 600 mm, respectively.

Both models have a longitudinal adjustment of the lower shaft overhang using a handle.

The folding machines are equipped with two remote pedals (obverse and reverse). The electrical circuit for connecting the pedals has 2 degrees of protection against the simultaneous pressing of both pedals, both by mechanical blocking of the contact group, and by serial connection of the pedals themselves. The electric motor is protected against overheating during current overloads.


For a zig-machine 250x3mm - 2 pairs of rollers to choose from (stiffener or flanging)

For models ZM-300 and ZM-600 - 1 pair of rollers (applying stiffeners)

Possible roller types:

Standard complete set:

- Machine assembly

- 3 sets of rollers

- Thrust plate

Additional equipment:

- Additional rollers (custom-made)

- Packaging (plywood box)

- Installation of the geared motor

- Installation of the frequency converter

Stand for the beading machine (delivered without stand by default!)

If you need additional options - please indicate in the comment to the order!

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Beading machine
Departure of rollers, mm 600 mm
Distance between centers, mm 92 mm
Diameter of rollers, mm Depends on the type of profile
Rollers included 1 pair (stiffening rib)
Main characteristic
Metal thickness, mm 2 mm
Type of drive Electromechanical
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 1200х350х1200 mm
Weight, kg 255 kg

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