Press die for the manufacture of closed-type facade cassettes (complex)
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    Вырубной пресс-штамп электромеханический
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    200.00 kg
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    1,000.00 x 400.00 x 600.00 mm
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230 000 р.
In stock

We offer you a unique development - a compact electromechanical press, which can be used to perform sheet stamping operations: punching forms, cutting off, punching, trimming, bending, drawing and forming. Previously, companies that didn’t specialize in stamping but needed it had to take large, heavy crank presses at a high price and use 10% of their capacity, as there were no other options on the market. Now the buyer can purchase a compact and inexpensive press, pay for exactly as many features as he needs and use the equipment 100%.

There are no other compact crank presses with similar characteristics on the market at the moment. The press is supplied in various versions, there is an inverse relationship between its two characteristics: press force and die stroke. For example, with a 10 mm punch stroke, the press force is 20 tons, with an 80 mm stroke, the press force is 2 tons. A table with all the variants of the press can be sent on request.


The maximum metal thickness is 3 mm.

Production time: 20 days

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Angle Cutting Press Stamp
Effort of the press 2-20 tons
Maximum die dimensions 300х200х100 mm
Performance 10-20 strokes per minute
Stroke 10-80 mm

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