Electric shears UVS-160 for cutting metal up to 1.6 mm thick.


  1. Shears UVS-160 are designed for processing sheets of structural steel up to 1.6 mm thick;
  2. New design of the cutting head (compared to the prototype S 160 E) improves the view of the working surface;
  3. Minimal cutting feed required due to well thought-out sheet guide geometry;
  4. The service life of the knives is significantly extended (700 m with a sheet thickness of 1.5 mm);
  5. Perfectly smooth cut edges.
  6. The smallest and lightest industrial grade tool!

Recommendations for use

Sheet shears UVS-160 allow you to ideally cut workpieces for curved bends in the manufacture of ventilation systems.

  1. used for splitting by punching and trimming straight sheets
  2. used to cut C-, L- and U-profiles
  3. used for cutting sheet metal parts for air ducts
  4. used to form pipes and cut them apart

Dimensional drawing:

Contents of delivery:

Knife Installed

Socket wrench for internal hexagon DIN 911-2 1 pc. 0002946

Socket wrench for internal hexagon DIN 911-3 1 pc. 0094840

Box S1 1 шт. 1763681

Options overview

You can purchase additional consumables and accessories for the UVS-160 shears
Knife For steel cutting up to 400 N / mm2

Set of 10 1264320

Set of 2 126471

CR knife

For high strength sheets up to 800 N / mm2

Set of 2 919760

Titanium coated knife

Set of 2 2089660

Box S1 1 pc. 1763681

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Vibration scissors UVS
Metal thickness (aluminum) 2.0 mm
Metal thickness 1.6 mm
Metal thickness (stainless steel 600 N / mm2) 1.2 mm
Metal thickness (stainless steel 800 N / mm2) 1.0 mm
Working speed 8-12 m / min
Smallest radius 15 mm
Starting hole diameter 27 mm
Number of strokes 4800 pcs / min
Main characteristic
Power, kWt 0.35kw
Type of drive Electric
Power supply 230 / 50V / Hz
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 294х30х132 mm
Weight, kg 1.6 kg

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