Die-cut stamp for the manufacture of facade cassettes K-100 and K-200
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    Вырубной штамп для фасадных кассет К-100, К-200
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    35.00 kg
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    800.00 x 350.00 x 450.00 mm
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The mechanical angle-cutting stamp is widely used in the production of facade cassettes K-100,K-200 and metal cassettes of other types. It is possible to manufacture cutting blocks of any configuration and complexity.

Features and benefits:

* Angular cutting of any cutting material;

* Knives made of high-quality tool steel

* Stable, durable construction;

* The stamp is able to cut down a corner of any complexity in one stage;

• A platform for supporting the sheet

* Convenient movable adjustable stops on the feed platform

* Removable, twisting handle with a rubber pad

• High quality processing of steel structural elements

Additionally, if necessary, a hole-cutting stamp is purchased for cutting oval holes or combined with angular cutting.

The cost of stamps K100, K200:

K100 - 83,000 rubles. with VAT 20%

К200 (lower corner) - 83,000 rubles with 20% VAT

К200 (upper corner) –83,000 rubles with VAT 20%

К100, К200 (for cutting a hole) - 45,000 rubles with 20% VAT

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Cut-out stamp
Effort, tons 3 tons
Max. thickness of the cut metal, mm 1 mm
Main characteristic
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 800х350х450 mm
Weight, kg 35 kg

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