Resistance spot welding machines with pneumatic drive and independent cooling, with a linear stroke of the upper electrode.
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    Машина контактной точечной сварки УВ-23192-500
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    1,300.00 x 400.00 x 1,600.00 mm
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Resistance welding machines of the UV/UVL series are more powerful machines than machines with a radial stroke of the upper electrode of the UVS series. They are equipped with a more powerful pneumatic or electromagnetic drive for compressing the electrodes, and have high welding currents. These machines, like UVS (radial), are equipped with autonomous liquid-cooled electrodes.

     The movable electrode moves linearly, therefore the alignment of the electrodes and the parallelism of their ends are preserved. This ensures uniformity of welding over the area. Thanks to this, it is possible to perform operations inaccessible for radial machines - for example, high-quality welding of nuts to a flat sheet, allows welding with wide electrodes, projection welding, etc.

     The machine is equipped with a microprocessor control system with quick and convenient setting of welding parameters, with storing 10 welding programs.

     The machines are capable of performing various tasks for resistance welding of sheet metal products, profiles, wires and fittings in industrial enterprises, in conditions of intensive production. Contact welding machines UVL can be of interest to both large and small businesses.

UV/UVL machines are designed for welding parts from

- stainless steel, low-carbon steels with a thickness of 0.3 + 0.3 to 6 + 6 mm,

- galvanized steel, titanium alloys with a thickness of 0.3 + 0.3 to 2 + 2 mm,

-aluminum and alloys up to 2 + 2 thickness

- sheet copper up to 1 + 1 mm thick.

- cross-shaped connections of reinforcement up to 18 + 18 mm

The machine configuration depends on the thickness and dimensions of the parts to be welded:

sticking out of electrodes: from 300 to 750 mm

maximum welding current: 12 to 26 kA

compression force: 75 to 600 kg

It is possible to manufacture a machine with a special shape and configuration of electrodes, for example, for welding a pipe made of sheet metal with a diameter of 75 mm and a length of up to 1.5 m, for projection welding, for welding several points at the same time, a fast modification - up to 300 welds / min. (For example , to simulate seam welding), etc.

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Linear welding machines UVL
Sheet steel (optimal welding conditions) 6+6
Wire, fittings (optimal welding modes) 18+18
Sheet aluminum and its alloys 1.8+1.8
Stick out of electrodes 500 mm
Rated welding current 19 кА
Mains voltage 3 х 380 V.
Open circuit output voltage 5.4-7 V.
Maximum working stroke of the upper electrode 70 mm
Nominal compression force of electrodes 250-640 kg
Electrode compression drive Pneumatic
Cooling Liquid, autonomous, hidden.
Number of steps of regulation of welding current 4.5
Range of welding currents, kA 9-23
Main characteristic
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 1300 x 400 x 1600 mm

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