CNC laser cutting machine from the manufacturer!

The company, a manufacturer of metalworking equipment for about 10 years, proposes to consider the purchase of a laser cutting machine with CNC of its own production with a fiber laser source - IPG. These machines are widely used in the processing of carbon steel (ferrous metal), stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, brass, etc.

Features of fiber lasers:

1. High quality laser beam, small cutting width.

2. High cutting speed: the speed is 2 times higher than CO2 laser with the same power.

3. Easy to use, easy to adjust the laser beam.

4. Laser positioner (red dot) for easy selection of cutting start.

5. Low power consumption: energy consumption is up to 70% lower than CO2 lasers.

6. As consumables: protective glass and nozzles.

Design features and advantages of the machine:

1. Fiber Laser Source - Manufacturer IPG, YLR product line with 3-year warranty, leading firm in the research and manufacture of Ytterbium fiber lasers in the world. Reliable quality of work, protection against back radiation when working with mirror stainless steel.

2. Separate operator's desk with a large color monitor, controlled by CypCut software designed for laser cutting with a maximum movement of the machine up to 40m / min. The program is easy to learn and manage. The software is intuitive for the machine operator and allows you to work not only in metal cutting mode, but also in engraving mode.

3. The remote control allows you to perform all the necessary actions without resorting to a stationary control stand and more quickly provide feedback between the operator and the machine.

4. Automatic adjustment of the height of the gap between the laser head and the cut metal, provided by a capacitive sensor, leading to increased accuracy when working with uneven surfaces. For the convenience of the operator of the machine from the nozzle of the emitter, the red dot of the positioner glows, which is convenient for choosing the beginning of cutting the metal being processed.

5. The laser head made in Switzerland RAYTOOLS is designed for industrial fiber lasers. The head is equipped with focusing adjustment, which is necessary for setting a better beam when changing the cut metal sheets of different thickness, and the built-in cooling system ensures stable operation of the laser head.

6. The use of proportional pressure regulators Camozzi is the result of the integration of high technology, reliability and high flow characteristics, while the machine operator does not need to constantly adjust the pressure of the working gases used in the process of working on the laser, depending on the change of both processed materials and thicknesses ...

7. The servo drives used by Delta Electronics or HIWIN are characterized by the most modern technology with an encoder (reverse communication), which allows you to work out the parameters with accuracy in positioning with a high speed of movement, which greatly affects  quality and pace of work performed on the machine.

8. Planetary gearboxes of APEX firm installed on X-axes; U- allow to work with acceleration speed up to 1G at the moment of start the movement of the machine, and due to the gears used, it leads to the absence of backlash affecting the accuracy of movement and positioning of the machine

9. The X-axis machine is equipped with powerful profile linear guides and bearings (carriages) of the Taiwanese company Hiwin. The size used guides along the X-axis - 35. Such guides in combination with linear bearings have a very high dynamic load capacity, which in combination with the high rigidity of the bed and the portal gives not only high rigidity of the machine itself, but also and a great working resource.

10. The transmission of torque along the X, Y axes of the machine is carried out by a rack / pinion. Due to the use of the staff, the accuracy increases when 

machine operation, as well as speed characteristics. The used gear racks manufactured by APEX with the eighth accuracy class are specially designed for CNC laser machines.

11. All linear motion bearings (carriages) are equipped with an automatic lubrication system, which significantly increases the service life of the machine, while one filling with grease is enough to operate the equipment for a month at a 24-hour load.

12. The machine is equipped with an S&A chiller for cooling both the laser source and the laser head. The chiller's water cooling system is equipped with a filter and a temperature controller. Temperature control accuracy is ± 1 ° C. The device is equipped with a number of protections: from compressor malfunction, from compressor overcurrent, from refrigerant leakage, from excessive temperature rise / fall.

Basic requirements for working gases for cutting:

Oxygen: gas pressure up to 8 atm. with a flow rate of ≈ 10 m3 / h, purity not less than 99.95%

Nitrogen: gas pressure 16 atm. with a flow rate of ≈ 72 m3 / h, purity not less than 99.999%

Air: pressure 16 atm. with a flow rate of 72 norms. m3 / hour, compressor capacity from 500 l / min.

CypCut laser cutting control system features:

- Supports different types of punching and pre-punching. Allows you to separately adjust the laser power, frequency, duty cycle, type of gas mixture, air pressure and piercing height.

- Anti-collision function with metal.

- Supports AI, DXF, PLT graphic file formats, as well as the international standard G-codes with generated programs Mater Cam, Type3, Wentai.

- Allows you to separately adjust the cutting speed and punching speed.

- Flexible automatic and manual sorting system helps to arrange the correct cutting sequence.

- Convenient system for viewing the cutting sequence using simulation.

- Allows you to create a library of saved parameters for reuse on the same materials.

- CypCut allows you to return to the point of sudden (for example, loss of power) or planned (for example, pause) stopping the cutting process to continue from the same point.

- Allows you to automatically optimize drawings when opening: removes duplicate lines, connects line breaks, removes small points, automatically detects the inner and outer contours of parts and sorts them. The process can be automatic, as well as each function can be manually edited.

- The following functions are present to support editing: zoom in and out, rotation, alignment, copy, combine, anti-aliasing, join, etc.

- Easy to apply functions such as: set entry point, cut compensation, micro-join, bridging, break, etc.

-Supports splitting and joining curves, smoothing curves, creating text, embedding components and zooming in.

Technological chart of cutting speed characteristics:

The cost of a laser cutting machine for metal in this configuration - 3,920,000 (three million nine hundred twenty thousand rubles) rubles with VAT - 20%.

Terms of payment: 50% - advance prepayment within 5 banking days from the date of signing the Agreement, 50% - additional payment within 5 banking days from the moment the Customer receives a notification about the readiness of the machine for shipment. 

The machine can also be leased. When contacting the leasing company, the prepayment percentage can be changed, and the payment terms are agreed between the leasing company and the Buyer of the equipment. If necessary, we can recommend those leasing companies with which we either currently work or have worked recently.

The production time of the machine is 45 calendar days.

Installation and commissioning conditions:

After shipment of the machine to the Buyer and when the machine is ready for connection, within 5 days a representative of the Supplier arrives, who performs commissioning, and also conducts training of the Buyer's personnel to work on the machine.

The cost of commissioning and training to work on the machine is FREE!

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

CNC Laser Cutting Machine
Machine model UV-1530
Work table size 3030*1500 mm
Laser type ytterbium fiber laser
Laser manufacturer IPG
Laser Model YLR-1000-MM-WC
Laser power 1000 watts
Laser wavelength 1070 nm
Maximum metal cutting thickness up to 10 mm (carbon steel) up to 5 mm (stainless steel)
Gases used O2 (oxygen); N2 (nitrogen); compressed air
Machine inputs for gases 2 - one of which is for O2 (oxygen) or air, second for N2 (nitrogen)
Maximum cutting speed up to 40 m / min
Positioning accuracy ±0.04 mm
Minimum cutting width <0.12mm
X-axis guides Hiwin rail size 35
Y-axis guides Hiwin rail size 25
Z-axis guides Hiwin rail size 15
X,Y-axis transmission; toothed rack / pinion through planetary reducer, manufactured by APEX
Rack module 1.5
Rack type spur, manufactured by APEX
Z-axis transmission ball screw
Limit switches contactless, induction
X-Y-Z-axis motors; servos
X-Y-axis servos; DELTA Electronics or HIWIN, power not less than 750W
Z-axis servo DELTA Electronics or HIWIN, power 400W
X-axis servos synchronized
Control system CypCut
Z-axis height control system capacitive contactless with automatic
Laser head of emitter made in Switzerland, RAYTOOLS
Compatibility with programs AutoCAD, Compass, etc.
Machine format drawing files with extension .dxf
Metal placement table pull-out table equipped with a hood with bins and drawers for collecting small cut parts.
Chiller cooling two contoured: one for the laser head, the second for the laser source
Lubrication of Linear Guide Bearings automatic in X, Y axes
Corrugated protection along X, Y axes over rails and toothed racks
Voltage, Volt 220
Machine warranty 36 months for IPG laser source; 18 months for the machine
Machine dimensions for transportation L x W x H, mm 4300 х 2350 х 1800 mm
Used room temperature from +15 to + 40 degrees Celsius
Net weight, kg 3000 kg

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