Sorex ZRS pass-through bending machine for 2.5 meters. Metal thickness up to 0.8 mm.
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    Листогиб SOREX ZRS - 2660/0,80
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    3,000.00 x 780.00 x 970.00 mm
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Sorex ZRS-2660 / 0.8mm sheet bending machine is a manual through-feed bending machine for processing sheet material, used as a bending machine for the production of slopes, ebbs, additional elements and siding from metal up to 1 mm thick. The bending machine itself is made of steel, has a very high strength welded structure. The machine is delivered pre-configured at the factory, mounted on feet with wheels that come with the machine. The machine is mobile and capable of moving around the workshop or workshop with little effort. During operation, the wheels are fixed with a special stopper, which prevents vibrations and movements during operation. The machine can be equipped with various options that allow bending the fold or cutting metal on the machine. The bending machine belongs to the class of full bore with an eccentric clamping of the upper beam. The machine has the ability to adjust all three beams to obtain a quality product.

Description of options:


Roller knife

The roller blade provides industrial quality cutting of steel, up to 0.8 mm thick. Installed on the machine and cuts due to two rollers set with a certain gap.

Designed for 5 km. cut.

Supplied in a cardboard box.


Bending beam compensator:

Reduces bending force, increases machine productivity. Installed on the machine by the user and, due to pneumatics, makes it easier to lift the bending beam of the machine

Bending beam handles (1pc):

Additional handles for the bending beam on both sides. For working with large sheets.


Protractor from 0 to 160 degrees:

Used with the bending beam rotation limiter for precise setting of the bending beam rotation angle. Contrast fluid combination.


Front limiter:

Set a fixed size of sheet feeding from the bending machine from the front of the machine for subsequent cutting with a roller knife.
Bending machine:


Length, mm250
Width, mm150
Height, mm80
Weight, kg1,5
The machine is designed to bend the edge of the workpiece, previously bent on the listogib, up to 180 degrees. Four pairs of successively converging rollers gently bend the fold without damaging the coating. The extreme roller can be adjusted in height and position, resulting in several types of folded seam as a result of rolling, from flat reduction of varying degrees of severity to the formation of various loop options.
Pressure beam foot drive:

It frees the operator's hands, makes work on the bending machine more convenient and quick. The option is installed on the machine by the customer, it allows to press or depress the machine's pressure beam using the crank mechanism with the feet
Rear sheet support table:

Serves as a support for a large or thin sheet and stops the sheet feed when bending products
Bending beam rotation limiter:

Allows you to set four different positions that stop the movement of the bending beam at a given point, set by the buyer independently
Roll for radius bending of sheet:

The roll is designed to bend the edge of the workpiece into a curl. Bending is carried out by turning the rod with the edge of the workpiece installed in the receiving slot. To remove the bent product, you need to remove one of the side handles and pull it out through the free edge.
Instructions for the Sorex bending machine in Russian.

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Sorex bending machine
Bending length, mm 3000
Maximum metal thickness, roofing steel, σв≤320 MPa, mm 0.8
Maximum metal thickness, roofing steel, σв≤400 MPa, mm 0.7
Metal thickness, stainless steel, σw≤ 600MPa, mm 0.5
Metal thickness, aluminum, σw ≤ 250MPa, mm 1.0
Roofing copper, mm 0.7
Maximum bending angle, degrees 140
Minimum counterbend shelf, mm 15
Length in packing, cm 300
Width in packing, cm 78
Package height, cm 44
Package weight, kg 360
Main characteristic
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 2450х780х970 mm
Weight, kg 290 кг

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