Bending machine manual segment Stalex W2.0x2540A
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    Станок листогибочный ручной сегментный Stalex W2.0x2540A
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    1,480.00 kg
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    3,000.00 x 770.00 x 1,100.00 mm
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Stalex segmental benders are designed for use in the workshop. They can be used for the production of pallets, ventilation pipes, as well as standard additional elements. An eccentric clamping system allows you to clamp the material as quickly as possible, which favorably distinguishes these bending machines from competitors.

For the Stalex W2.0x2540 machine, the clamping segment beam has 15 segments of various lengths: 65 mm, 75 mm, 85 mm, 100 mm, 125 mm, 125 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm, 150 mm, 150 mm, 150 mm, 305 mm , 305 mm, 305 mm, 305 mm.

Each segment consists of 2 parts, which provides additional rigidity and a tighter hold. The total segment width is 95 mm (first part 75 mm, second part 20 mm). Clearance height of the upper pressure beam without segment in the pressed state is 125 mm. The maximum lifting height of the pressure beam is 30 mm.

The bending beam is equipped with an adjustable counterweight system to facilitate bending of different thicknesses of metal. A reinforcing corner 50 mm wide is installed on the bending bar.


  1. Unlimited feed depth
  2. Adjustable planks for precise adjustment of plank deflections
  3. Steel bed for machine rigidity
  4. 135 degree bending capability
  5. Angle stop as standard
  6. Counterweight system for easy bending
  7. Upper segment blade with different segment width
  8. Production - China.
  9. 1 year warranty.



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Working length / thickness, mm

Net / gross weight, kg

Dimensions, mm


Bending machine manual segment Stalex W2.0x2040A





Bending machine manual segment Stalex W2.0x2540A





Bending machine manual segment Stalex W2.0x3050A






(Maximum allowable thicknesses)

Low carbon steel (400 N / mm²)

2,0 мм

Stainless steel (600 N / mm²)

1,2 мм

Cold rolled steel

1,2 мм


3,0 мм

Soft brass

2,2 мм

Annealed Phosphor Bronze

2,0 мм

Soft copper

2,2 мм

Solid copper

2,0 мм

When working with max. sheet thickness - the maximum parameters may not correspond to the tabular values, this is due to the difference in the ultimate strength coefficient σв, which should not exceed the σв <400 MPa parameter (1 N / mm² = 1 MPa) when working with low-carbon steel.

Section of the clamping beam of the machine:

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Main characteristic
Working length, mm 2500 mm
Metal thickness, mm 2 mm
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 3000х770х1100 mm
Weight, kg Net weight - 1310 kg, gross weight - 1480 kg

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